Home Entertainment Netflix released the trailer for “El marginal 4”

Netflix released the trailer for “El marginal 4”

Netflix released the trailer for

Next january 19 It is the date chosen for the return of El marginal 4, the series from the production company Underground, which will be uploaded by Netflix to its platform.

After a long stop, in which little and nothing was known about the history of its protagonists, that is Pastor, Borges, Diosito and the rest of the prisoners of the Puente Viejo prison.

The Argentine series, which was a success since its premiere on Public TV and was later seen throughout the continent –with Mexican and American remakes even– will premiere its fourth season, a direct continuation of the events that were seen in the last installment: the San Onofre fire.

This Was The End Of El Marginal 3. The Fourth Season Is Here.

This was the end of El marginal 3. The fourth season is here.

A few weeks after its launch, Netflix revealed the official trailer of what will be seen in the new episodes.

What is seen in the trailer

From what can be seen in the preview, the arrival of police officer Miguel Palacios to jail will be a key point of the events of the new season.

Juan Minujín In &Quot;El Marginal&Quot;.  Pastor Or The Policeman Miguel Palacios.

Juan Minujín in “El Marginal”. Pastor or the policeman Miguel Palacios.

And later, the frictions between Pastor (the character of Juan Minujín, who is actually the police officer Miguel Palacios) and Mario Borges. Finally, a riot caused by the inmates will unleash definitive chaos in Puente Viejo. Can they escape their sentences?

“After the fire of San Onofre, the destinies of Pastor (Juan Minujín), Mario Borges (Claudio Rissi) and Diosito (Nicolás Furtado), vThey cross paths again in the Puente Viejo prison. The reunion between Pastor and Diosito will revive strong feelings for both, “reads the official Netflix synopsis.

“This confrontation is joined by César (Abel Ayala), who was transferred there, and leads the group that represents the U21. From the outside, Sergio Antín (Gerardo Romano) will operate to seize the power of the jail, facing the current director. And Emma Molinari (Martina Gusmán) will work to help Pastor in a dangerous new escape attempt”, Completes the document distributed by the platform.

God.  The Character Of Nicolás Furtado In El Marginal.

God. The character of Nicolás Furtado in El marginal.

Who are the actors and actresses

The cast of El marginal 4 has in its ranks Juan Minujín (Pastor), Nicolás Furtado (Diosito), Martina Gusman (Emma), Claudio Rissi (Borges) and Gerardo Romano (Antín).

Also on the list are Ariel Staltari (Bardo), Daniel Pacheco (James), Ana Garibaldi (Gladys), Abel Ayala (César), Facundo Espinoza (Enzo), Ernesto Larrese (Father Ramón), Emanuel García (Arnold), Ignacio Quesada (Brian) and Marcelo Peralta (Barny), among others. The guest stars are Rodolfo Ranni (Galván) and Luis Luque (Coco).

The series was created by producer Sebastián Ortega and director Israel Caetano and the scriptwriters who were in charge of the fourth season were Omar Quiroga, Alejandro Ciancio, Nicolás Marina and Andrés Pascaner, with the direction of Alejandro Ciancio and Mariano Ardanáz.

A Scene From The Final Chapter Of El Marginal 3.

A scene from the final chapter of El marginal 3.

Ortega had confirmed a while ago that the drama would feature a fourth and fifth batch of episodes. The filming of both began this year simultaneously, although it is unknown how long there will be between the launch of one and the other.

Chapters of The marginal 4 will be available on Netflix on January 19, 2022.


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