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Netflix premiered the trailer for Togo, the new film by Adrián Caetano filmed in Montevideo

Written and directed by Israel Adrian Caetanostarring Diego Alonso, Catalina Arrillaga, Néstor ‘Tito’ Prieto and cast, Netflix confirmed the release date of Togoits first film entirely made in Uruguaywhose premiere is scheduled for the next October 5th.

The film tells the story of a car attendant played by diego alonsowho will defend his territory from drug traffickers to the last consequences in the streets of Montevideo.

Caetano he is also one of the producers production executives, together with Luis Ara and Ignacio Jaunsolo.

"Togo" will be available for streaming starting October 5.

“Togo” will be available for streaming starting October 5.

What is the story about

It’s about some petty narcs who are taking over the streets of Montevideo and extorting money from car attendants to work for them… But one, nicknamed Togo (Alonso), will resist until the last consequences to protect their territory, as well as their neighbors, from a violence that looks more at Rosario than at the capital of the brother country.

Last year, around the middle of October, Filming began on Netflix’s first Uruguayan production. The filming lasted a month and was done entirely in Montevideo, both on sets and outside the city, including the emblematic Palermo neighborhood (yes, Montevideo also has a Palermo).

“From Netflix we are happy to be able to make our first film in Uruguay, a country with a talented creative community and with stories that deserve to be told. Adrián Caetano is a great filmmaker and it is an honor for us to work with him again in Togo“, said Francisco Ramos, from the Content area for Latin America of Netflix.

Alonso's double on Netflix: first Okupas and now Togo.

Alonso’s double on Netflix: first Okupas and now Togo.

the testimonials

“Re-recording in Uruguay is a very special situation for me. I feel that this is a great opportunity to tell the story of Togo, a character that emerges from my imagination, with whom I share values and whom I admire, also having the creative freedom and the support of Netflix to be able to do it,” said Caetano at the time, who became known for his multi-award-winning feature debut Beer and faso pizza.

“It was a challenge to tell a story that happens despite everything. Something more universal, of a man defending his own, which is also everyone’s. I always liked the stories of overcoming, and more those that pass silently and invisible before the eyes of the majority”, added the notable director of A red bear.

Diego Alonso Gomez was the The chicken of squatters, the series that was broadcast for the first time on October 18, 2000 on what is now Public TV. Shipping became a cult object – and a boom in its landing on the streaming platform– although it only had a single season of 11 chapters.

Its content was considered transgressive, at the time, by the naturalism of the performances and the displaced approach towards the dark universe of marginalityportrayed with a search for verisimilitude.

Most of the filming was done under the open sky.

Most of the filming was done under the open sky.

That series also meant the moment of consecration for the career of Rodrigo de la Serna. Last year, regarding the new Netflix initiative in Montevideo, the platform paved the way for Togo replenishing squatters.

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