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Netflix negotiates “The Squid Game”

Netflix negotiates

SEOUL (EFE) .— Hwang Dong-hyuk, screenwriter and director of the South Korean hit series Squid Game, said yesterday that he is negotiating not only the possibility of a second but also a third season.

In an interview with the South Korean public broadcaster KBS, Hwang mentioned that he was negotiating with Netflix about “a second and third season” of the series and expects the talks to be concluded “in the near future”.

It is the first time that the creator – who had already spoken of a possible second season – has hinted at the possibility of a third part of his successful fiction.

Hwang, 50, added that season two will again focus on Seong Gi-hun, the main character from Lee Jung-jae who won the $ 45.6 billion (about $ 39 million) prize at the Macabre- Competition wins in which hundreds of people participate in debt compete to the death to win that money.

“I promise you only one thing: Seong Gi-hun will come back and do something for the world,” said the director and screenwriter.

“The Squid Game” was released last September and became the most watched Netflix series in 83 countries, which earned it a nomination for awards such as Gotham and the Golden Globes in the USA.

By combining childhood games with some of mankind’s worst mistakes and trying to portray South Korea’s economic inequality, the series became a cross-border social phenomenon that delighted millions of people. Proof of this is that more than 142 million accounts played the episodes on Netflix in the first four weeks.

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