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Netflix has already set a date for Lucifer, who returns to say goodbye

Netflix has already set a date for Lucifer, who returns to say goodbye

premiere of the sixth and final season of lucifer On Netflix: This next September 10th. Thus, after several cancellations, rescues and surprise renewals, The character played by Tom Ellis returns, but to say goodbye Definitely.

NS Listner Joe Henderson and Ildi Modrovich broke the news at Comic-Con @Home held in San Diego this weekend, anticipating something to come, and also discussing what happened so far. With them, Ellis himself analyzed how this popular legend would end.

This annual conference, which was postponed due to the pandemic in 2020, is now It was made virtually and broadcast around the world by Internet. One of the questions he’s asked the creators of the series revolves around what the end of Season 5 means for the protagonist, where it was indicated that he was the new god.

Lucifer Will Arrive On September 10Th.

Lucifer will arrive on September 10th.

With the powers of God?

Will Lucifer have the same powers that God has? Henderson replied, “Good question. I think it’s one of the first questions our characters ask themselves at the start of season six.”

However, these new episodes Will show an evolved Lucifer. “It’s matured a lot and is still in the process of maturing, but I think it’s the typical example of ‘be careful what you wish for, because it could be true,'” Ellis said.

“Lucifer reassured himself of many things in the fifth season, but when something happens that you’d expect, sometimes it’s different to experience. This is the dilemma Lucifer is facing in season six“.

Tom Ellis Talks About What'S To Come.

Tom Ellis talks about what’s to come.

These days saw the first images of new chapters. There the hero was seen with a brand new DeLorean. And, because of this, many people thought back in the future, since that car is an icon from the iconic 1980s movie. In the trilogy, the DeLorean was the vehicle for time travel for Michael J. Fox’s character.

Then It’s a Surprise Whether or Not the Netflix Series Will Have Temporary Games. But Alice was skeptical about it: “I can only expect good things to come.”

throw the house out the window

What happened is that, as it ends, the people responsible for the series decided to throw the house out the window. So It will be seen as a multiple-announced—and never physical—musical episode.. There is also talk of a secret incident that would make fans “extremely happy,” in the words of DB Woodside.

Lucifer Returns.

Lucifer returns.

Of course, it would see the end of many of the plots and relationships that the series had with its followers throughout its five seasons. The sixth will have ten episodes, which will premiere simultaneously on 10 September.

For example, what would happen to the first Lucifer demon Labyrinth to evolve a soul. You’ll have to see if this applies to all monsters or is it an exception to the rule. Because while there were other monsters on the show, none of them were discovered as Labyrinth in season five.

With Lucifer now the new god, Labyrinth is about to become the queen of hell. In Season Six, It Might Change the Rules for Other Monsters.

an original idea

Lucifer An Angry Demon.

Lucifer an angry demon.

As children we were taught that God is good and Satan is evil. And maybe that’s the message we sometimes forget Lucifer is actually an angel, God’s favorite son sent to hell in penance to lead a rebellion of angels.

But, like every rebellious son, managing hell after millions of years of boredom, Lucifer disobeys his father and goes to earth in search of some fun. Where is it going? Where else could I go other than Sin City, that is Los Angeles.