Home Entertainment Netflix developed a series of Pokémon with actors

Netflix developed a series of Pokémon with actors

Netflix developed a series of Pokémon with actors

a new series of pokemonThis time not animated but live action, it is in development with a view to release via the Netflix platform.

Some remember Pokemon Go now, but there were a few months during 2016 that hit the streets with intangible entities from the environment, mesmerized by the prospect of hunting through their cell phones one of the Pokemon that surrounds them. It was loose. There.

As reported today by US Special Media DiversityAlthough it is only the first days of the project and its plot details are not yet known, it has been revealed that producer and screenwriter Joe Henderson, who is currently a co-showrunner lucifer, will be in charge of developing the script for the new series.

Pokémon Was Born As A Video Game In 1996, Which Has Since Had Several Versions And Updates.  Photo Clarin Archive

Pokémon was born as a video game in 1996, which has since had several versions and updates. photo clarin archive

It would be the film’s immediate predecessor. pokemon detective pikachu (2019), which combines actors and computer animation, although it was not confirmed whether the two stories would be related to each other.

The project is not surprising, as Netflix has acquired distribution rights to several series, new and already aired, from pokemon And it has been increasing its investment in anime or live action content anime adaptations for many years, such as death Note.


It was the worldwide fever for augmented reality games that sparked the interest of big studios in 1995 for this franchise created by the Japanese Satoshi Tajiri: this is how it came about. spy pikachuFirst live-action film by pokemon After 22 animated films and over a thousand anime episodes.

Pikachu And The Young Man Are Looking For Their Father.  Photo Wb

Pikachu and the young man are looking for their father. photo wb

The link with the virtual world is beyond the application: the script was inspired by elements of the video game of the same name released by Nintendo in 2016. Everything happened in Rhyme City, a city where humans and Pokémon co-exist peacefully, often in a master-pet relationship.

Now comes Tim, a twenty-something who was once a Pokémon trainer, following the alleged death of his police father. But as he is about to evacuate his father’s apartment, he meets a talking Pikachu – only Tim understands this – who tells him that his father lives, and together they begin an investigation.

Ryan Reynolds During The United States Premiere Of The Film &Quot;Pokémon Detective Pikachu&Quot; In New York In May 2019.  Photo Efe

Ryan Reynolds during the United States premiere of the film “Pokémon Detective Pikachu” in New York in May 2019. photo efe

The best thing about the film were the animated creatures, to the extent that humans were left out. Inside the assorted gallery of pokemon -It is seen, also in the cameo, about sixty-, the most beloved heroes, pikachu and sidekook. In the subtitled version, Ryan Reynolds can be heard pouring his share of grace on this talkative Pikachu.

the franchisee pokemon It originated as a video game in 1996, with many versions and updates since then, but it was when the anime debuted the following year that it became a mass phenomenon.

Concept: Pocket monster trainers go on adventures as they scour the world in search of hunting for more and better Pokemon to help them win game tournaments. Its deployment in more series, games, trading cards, books and manga, among other formats, proves that it has been around 25 years since its birth. pokemon It is a phenomenon far from extinction.