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Netflix confirms it’s preparing a new season of Black Mirror

Nearly three years after last season’s premiere, Netflix confirmed that he is working on a new batch of chapters of black MirrorThe dystopian science fiction series that was a rage during its first installments.

As reported by the site varietyThe streaming giant has already started casting for the sixth season black MirrorDespite the fact that its predecessor had only three episodes and did not have the expected impact in terms of critics and audiences, having several figures such as Andrew Scott, Anthony Mackie, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Topher Grace and Miley Cyrus,

Although details about the chapters are still unknown – each is expected to tell an independent story – as they are kept under strict secrecy, variety It assumes that the new installment will have more than five episodes.

From Anthony Mackie (the new Captain America) when he appeared in an episode of the series.  photo file clarin

From Anthony Mackie (the new Captain America) when he appeared in an episode of the series. photo file clarin

A source close to the production assured that the new season will have even more cinematic scope, and that each episode will have a film treatment in its own right, in line with the most recent chapters. black Mirrorwhich typically lasted over an hour and boasted distinctively high production values.

It remains to be seen whether these plots manage to update these times since the first black Mirror -Premises in 2011 and 2013 on the British Channel 4- were interesting as they addressed hyperconnectivity, the dangers of social networks and contemporary technoparania, issues that are now part of everyday life.

‘Black Mirror’ new production house

brand new black Mirror This will be the first season since producer Charlie Brooker and creative partner Annabel Jones left the Endemol Shine Group-backed production company House of Tomorrow in January 2020.

Will Poulter as video programmer Colin Reitman in the movie "Black Mirror Bandersnatch".  netflix photo

Will Poulter as video programmer Colin Reitman in the movie “Black Mirror Bandersnatch”. netflix photo

The couple wasted no time: they soon founded a new production company, Brock and Bones. Netflix quickly invested in the new company through a mega deal in which it acquired a share of the business over a five-year period, which could reach $100 million.

However, when Brooker and Jones abandoned the House of Tomorrow, black Mirror They remain in the hands of the parent company, Endemol, which was acquired by Banijay Group in the summer of 2020.

That deal effectively barred Brooker and Jones from producing any more seasons of the series — remember, so is the movie. bandsnatch— until a deal was struck with Banijay for Netflix, a move that spelled the end of the series for many fans.

Series creator Charlie Brooker.  photo file clarin

Series creator Charlie Brooker. photo file clarin

Two years ago, at the most critical moment of the pandemic, Brooker sowed doubts about his own future black Mirror when he told the British magazine Radio Times: “At the moment, I don’t know who will have the stomach to work on stories about society, so I’m not working on that.”

“I am more ready to revisit my comedic skills, so I am writing the script with the goal of making people laugh,” he added.

It is clear today that an agreement has finally been reached. And Banijay Rights – the distribution arm of Endemol, which holds the rights to the dystopian franchise – has agreed to license its hit series to Netflix.


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