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Netflix Cancels New Will Smith Movie After Chris Rock’s Hit

Will Smith said a few days ago that he was ready to face the consequences of taking a swipe at Chris Rock and while he was referring to the repercussions at the academy it seems they have since reached other realms News broke that Netflix canceled a new film by the actor.

The broken-off tape is reportedly nothing more than Fast and easy which was in pre-production and that he had also lost director David Leitch (Bullet Train, Deadpool 2, Atomic Blonde), who resigned as director of the film a week before the Oscars.

  • doWill Smith resigned from the academy after beating Chris Rock?

The Hollywood Reporter noted that Netflix was competing with Universal for Leitch’s next project, and it looks like Leitch won.

The IMDB site notes this Fast and Loose was supposed to be about the leader of a criminal organization who loses his memory after an attack and after meeting his team, he discovers they are not who he thought they were.

Hollywood reporter He pointed out that after the cancellation of the new Will Smith movie, apparently because of all the scandal caused by the Chris Rock beating, It’s unclear if Netflix will try to move forward with a new actor and director. or whether it stays in the background.

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Will Smith is shown on IMDB as having several titles in production and announced such as: emancipationwhich would premiere on Apple TV+ in 2022, bouncing, african queens, The karate kid 2 and Hancock 2among other.

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