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Netflix announces new films with which it will celebrate Mexican cinema; these are the premieres

Netflix celebrates Mexican cinema with the announcement of its new local productions that include partnerships with established filmmakers in the industry and the emerging voices that make a reflection possible of the diversity of the country; the celebration also includes the initiative Let Mexico be seen a catalog with titles that have conquered the public throughout history.

Exclusively for MILLENNIUMFrancisco Ramos, VP of Content for Latin America at Netflix, shared the details of the new productions that are in developmentincluding adaptations of the last car, by Angeles Doñate; and Invitation to a murder of Carmen Posadas; as well as the films of Fernando Frías, Mónica Lozano and Martha Higareda.

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“Our commitment to our cinematography is firm, ambitious and forceful, bringing you the best Mexican cinema is part of the commitment and the proposal; and to comply with this, we have to surround ourselves with the best Mexican voices, in front of and behind the camera, emerging talents, but also consolidated ones, that achieves a varied offer”, said Ramos.

This commitment to Mexican cinema gives continuity to the work of Fernando Frías, the young filmmaker who started his career with I’m not here anymore, the film that in the midst of a pandemic conquered 10 of the main categories of the Ariel Award. Frias just finished shooting I’m not going to ask anyone to believe mebased on the novel by Juan Pablo Villalobos.

“The relationship with Fernando was very special, from Morelia he gave us pure satisfaction. We decided to bet on his new film, from the hands of a forceful novelist; We just finished filming this comedy with dramatic overtones and what it shows is that we have a director who knows how to narrate what Mexicans are like,” explained the Netflix executive.

This film was filmed in Mexico and Spain and It features performances by Darío Yazbek, Natalia Solian, Alexis Ayala and Anna Castillo. Added to this production colored bay, a comedy produced by Mónica Lozano that will represent the directorial debut of Ricardo Castro, a talent who graduated from the Cinematographic Training Center (CCC).

“Bahía colorada is a film of beautiful relationships that will be shot in a beautiful place in the Mexican Republic, it is an adventure comedy that unites two people in a process of rebuilding ties, in a beautiful geographical context. We always talk to Mónica about new ideas and for now we have to get this project out”, Ramos commented.

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In past months, Netflix announced the adaptations of Hurricane season, directed by Elisa Miller, and Pedro Páramo, a key piece of Latin American literature written by Juan Rulfo. New stories are added to this commitment to literary works for 2023: The last cara film based on the novel of the same name by Ángeles Doñate, the story will be directed by Ernesto Contreras and starring Adriana Barraza and Memo Villegas.

“Several of the films that we have at the moment are adaptations of previously published novels that in many cases have had recognition and prestige. I believe that literature in general is a powerful source of inspiration, they are easily transferable to the screen and people have a strong emotional relationship with the written works”, said Ramos.

Another of the adaptations will take as a starting point Invitation to a murder a dark humor mystery film based on the novel by Carmen Posadas that JM Cravioto will bring to the screen. The story will feature performances by Maribel Verdú, Regina Blandón, Manolo Cardona, Aarón Diaz, Stephanie Cayo, José María de Tavira and Pedro Damián.

“We have worked with Cravioto on Diablero and other stories, but this is the first original film with him, he handles action and adventure very well. What to say about Ernesto Conteras (who is in charge of the adaptation of The Last Wagon), he is one of the most powerful voices in Mexican cinema,” added the executive, about the story that began filming this week.

The commitment to Mexican cinema is complemented by queens escape, a comedy written and starring Martha Higareda that will put on screen the experiences of four friends who decide to take a trip together. Martha Higareda works together with her sister Miri Higareda and Alexis Fridman in the production and the story will be directed by Jorge Macaya.

We will see all these productions until next year, what will arrive on the platform shortly will be Hurray Mexico, of Luis Estrada; Noise by Natalia Beristain; and of course, Bard, by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu “There cannot be a more latent demonstration of this commitment to the diversity of Mexican cinema”, concluded Francisco Ramos.

This morning, Netflix made the official announcement of its new productions, with which it celebrates Mexican cinema. To the celebration that takes place within the framework of the National Day of Mexican Cinema, the platform also adds its initiative Let Mexico be seen; the catalog is available from the beginning of the month and includes titles such as Hell, No Returns Y chicuarotes, among other.


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