Home Entertainment Netflix anime “BeStars” premieres season 2 in Spanish

Netflix anime “BeStars” premieres season 2 in Spanish

Netflix anime

“Beast” It became one of the most popular anime and manga in recent times, due to its criminal plot, anthropomorphic animals, and its social division between carnivores and herbivores.

because of that, Netflix fell in love with fans when the second season premiered.

As if that weren’t enough, the streaming giant has released the second part of the adventures of the wolf Legoshi and his friends from Chariton Academy Fully dubbed in Latin Spanish.

“BeStars”, a sequel with 12 episodes

second season of “BeStars” features 12 episodes from Studio Orange, Who also made “Godzilla: Cingular Point” from Netflix, reproduced razon.com.mx.

sleeve plot

This new season addresses Story arc of the case of prophecy, which includes chapters 50 to 99 of the manga.

In this history, Legoshi trains with Gauhin to control his carnivorous instincts And protect the rabbit Haru and his fellow vegetarians.

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