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Netflix and “Rey Tigre” producers sued for using clips of “Ace Ventura 2”

Netflix and

Morgan Creek Productions Company sued the Netflix platform and the producers of the successful docuserie King tiger, which premiered its second part, due to copyright infringement for the use of clips from the film Ace ventura 2.

What what!?!?! Probably no one would think that those who drive one of the most important current brands in the entertainment industry can miss even the smallest detail that could expose them to such unusual lawsuits or complaints. However, it seems that it is not so, and that what seems safe is not so.

At least that is how the news reflects it, which again puts the docuseries released in 2020 in a title, which among other recognitions received six Emmy Award nominations, and now upped the ante with five new chapters that have already raised the first dust.

While Rey Tigre Unleashes Another Controversy, Joe Exotic Watches The Miniseries From Prison .. Photo / Netflix Media

While Rey Tigre unleashes another controversy, Joe Exotic watches the miniseries from prison .. Photo / Netflix Media

Two clips that unleashed the scandal

The program, which became a hit upon release In March 2020, he focused on the life of Joseph Maldonado Passage, aka “Joe Exotic,” who owns a “big cat” zoo.

Now, in this second part it is shown Joe Exotic serving a 22-year prison sentence for attempted murder of Carol Baskin, the owner of an animal sanctuary whom he considers a threat to his empire.

“The series was full of sordid stories of animal abuse, bulky guns, and a quixotic run for the presidency of the United States, “reads the lawsuit against Netflix and Goode Films collected by the specialized site The Hollywood Reporter.

The lawsuit claims that the show used two clips from Ace ventura 2, starring Jim Carrey in 1995, “without permission or license.” One of those clips showed Carrey with a “jumpsuit wrapped around his neck and shoulder” and another “triumphantly riding an elephant.”

Jim Carrey, With A Monkey Clinging To His Neck.  One Of The Scenes In Question.  The Mask

Jim Carrey, with a monkey clinging to his neck. one of the scenes in question. THE MASK

Fateful five seconds

The lawsuit says that the two clips, which totaled five seconds of screen time, appeared in a sequence in which animals such as tigers, panthers, monkeys and great apes appear.

“Leaving no doubt about the source, a dubbed voice identifies a movie as Ace Ventura, at the precise moment the offending clips appear on the screen, “the lawsuit says.

Furthermore, Morgan Creek alleges that the episode was viewed by “an audience of literally millions of viewers while they knew or had reason to know that the use of the infringing clips was without permission, content or license. “Now, at a minimum, the lawsuit could represent a sum of $ 300,000 to the infringers, for the damages caused.

He also claims that the “two comic scenes” served to add “lightness” to the episode, which helped drive audience; and implying that the people behind Ace ventura 2 they were “promoting” the docuseries “favorably.”

From Morgan Creek they say they tried to resolve the dispute before filing the lawsuit, without success and now, along with the attorneys’ fees, they request that the defendants be permanently banned from the use of paper clips of your property.


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