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Nerea Godínez remembered Octavio Ocaña nine months after his death: “Nothing excites me”

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(Photo: Instagram/@nerea.gogo)

On October 29, 2021, a death occurred that shocked all fans of the series Neighbours and the relatives of the beloved actor, because that day he died Octavio Ocanawho gave life to Benito Rivers since I was a child. Nine months after his death, the famous man’s fiancee remembered him with a nostalgic video on her Instagram account.

“9 months and in this process I feel denial and anger again Because you? Because I? Why we? I need you more than ever,” he wrote. Nerea Godinez to start your message. In her text, the young woman said she was overwhelmed and back in the denial phase before the duel. On several occasions she has explained that she never stops wondering why this happened to her family, since she Ocaña was very fond of the son of his fiancée.

In her video, Nerea placed a fragment of the song I will miss you from Tercer Cielo to accompany dozens of clips where he was happy with Ocaña, in some they were eating, playing, watching movies, traveling or hanging out as they used to. It even included the recording of the day before the actor’s death, since they were in a local food singing and enjoying time with some of his fans.

Nerea Godínez also explained that she is at a point in her mourning where every feeling seems insufficient “I just don’t feel ANYTHING anymore, as if my soul was dead, nothing excites me, nothing hurts me, nothing makes me sad, as if I had been turned off. I just know that I love you and that is NEVER going to change one bit, ”she finished.

Among the comments, people wrote messages of support to encourage the influencer, some of them were: “A big hug Nerea, what happened is terrible but a lot of strength and keep going”, “Only God knows why”, “I it made me cry a lot”, “with all the memories you will feel that he is always with you and the most beautiful thing is that you met the love of your life” and “I have no words, I can only say: one day at a time.”

Just a week ago, Nerea published another message addressed to Octavio, in the black and white photo the following could be read: “I dream of you so real… as if you were still here… as if in my dreams we could continue with this story … I dream of you in blue with your beautiful beard and your beautiful face, feeling the love between us in each kiss … but you know? I think it’s worse, because then I wake up and you’re not there”.

Nerea Godínez shared an emotional message Photo: Instagram/@nerea.gogo
Nerea Godínez shared an emotional message Photo: Instagram/@nerea.gogo

In March of this same year, the fiancée of the beloved actor from Neighbors reported that he would seek accompanying psychological help to assimilate the absence of her fiancé.

“I have reached my limit, I have exploded, but I have already found someone (psychologist) who does not know who I am or who Octavio was, finally depression is not just crying, you secret many things in the brain that make you be depressed or tired, or that you sleep a lot or that you do not sleep a lot or that you eat little or that you eat a lot”, he explained for First hand.

What happened to the case of Octavio Ocaña

While the Attorney General of Justice of Edomex (FGJEM) maintains that it was the same actor who accidentally shot himself after the police chase, Ocaña’s father assured on July 13 that he already knew who would have killed his son.

“In fact, I have finished the last expert reports, I have very good experts, I have the best lawyers, the prosecutor has behaved very well, we already have almost 9 indictedI can’t tell you that I can already put them in jail, but here they throw the little ball of whoever shot himself, they already know that my son didn’t shoot himself, “he said for an interview with the newspaper Millennium.

When asked if he knew who would have been responsible for the death of Octavio Ocaña, the man stated that he knew and elaborated that there was strong evidence to prove.

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