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Nelly Trenti, the legendary voice of Mirtha Legrand’s program, died

Nelly Trenti died last night, Thursday, at the age of 85. From the producer that makes the lunches they confirmed the sad news: “Today we have to say goodbye to the beloved Nelly Trenti. Our condolences to her family and her friends. She is going to miss that voice, ”they wrote from the Twitter account.

Trenti was a legend of Argentine television, especially known for being the host of Mirtha Legrand’s lunches.

A pioneer life

The first time she was awarded as an announcer, she ended up with a torticollis. Two kilos weighed the sculpture made by Luis Perlotti himself. 1959. Another world. It was the first ceremony of the Martín Fierro, at the Cervantes Theater, and even the American singer and pianist Nat King Cole got his gaucho giant that day.

“They have lunch today with Mrs. Mirtha Legrand…”. In 30 years, Nelly Trenti repeated the crutch on the air more than 5,000 times. When “Chiqui” mourned her on camera for the deaths of Daniel Tinayre and Daniel Jr., Nelly was mourning there too. When the Narciso Ibañez Menta cake almost set the table on fire, Nelly was there helping to put out the fire. When Mirtha celebrated the four decades of the cycle with 40 guests, Nelly was there leaving her strings in the 40 surnames.

His professional debut took place when he was only 17 years old. The ISER professors sent her to practice at the old Channel 7 in Ayacucho and Posadas and the opportunity came. An announcer hit the foul and Nelly Trenti was asked if she dared to read an ad. “There were no recorded commercials. We put the sheets on the floor and if we forgot the lyrics, we peeked down.”

Nelly Trenti (Photo: Public TV)

Nelly Trenti (Photo: Public TV)

its beginnings

Raised in Constitution, with The Perez Garcias background and the tone of the announcer Lidia Durán as “inspiring halo”, Nelly was “the official reciter of the school”. From a family of furniture makers, She graduated from Normal 9 as a teacher. Until then, a “typical” life for a young lady of the time. She broke the mold thanks to her mother’s warning.

“One day I come home and mom tells me that she had heard on Radio Nacional a call for aspiring actors and announcers,” he says. “I applied to every contest there was, so I also signed up and that’s how I started my career at ISER. I had huge teachers like Jaime Font Saravia and Iván Casadó”.

You walk and walk and walk and in the end you buy in Sadima. Verses of that style made her a popular voice, disputed by firms such as Gath & Chaves. She worked at Radio Belgrano, El Mundo and many other stations and shared studios with colleagues like Pinky and Guillermo Brizuela Méndez. In the 1950s, she became the first woman to lead the Channel 7 newscast.

Nelly Trenti, the first announcer of the Channel 7 news program.

Nelly Trenti, the first announcer of the Channel 7 news program.

Impeccable in saying, he knew that the furcios were part of the game. He tried not to succumb when the whole studio roared with laughter, but he didn’t always succeed: “I once said ‘a tree hit a car,'” he laughs.

​Whipped hairstyles, loose clothing, Nelly was never told how to dress and they didn’t try to objectify her when she gave the news. That is why she joins the debate on female outfits in the news and false moralism. “Everyone has to do what they are born. Freedom”, proclaims. She has no secrets about caring for her voice and feels “like a miracle” that the years have not eroded her voice.

Perhaps his great phonic challenge has been to say in a row “have lunch today with Mrs. Mirtha Legrand, Mrs. Maria de las Mercedes Bolla Aponte of Murano” (Yiya). Or in the late ’80s report with a frozen smile “scheduled power outages must be extended to all users, including sanatoriums and hospitals.” Poker face to tell dramas.

Former host of the 7 newscast, Nelly Trenti.

Former host of the 7 newscast, Nelly Trenti.

“We all need a Trenti to tell us that we are splendid,” reads the most distinguished voice in Argentina on social networks in fan forums. “The way they see you, they treat you. If they see you badly, they mistreat you.” Does Nelly agree with Legranesque maxims? “All in all. She’s a very wise lady,” she warns herself like a fan. And she adds what few know, that the lady with the false French surname also has her broadcaster’s license. “Mirtha surrendered and was received, so the announcer’s day is also her day.”

History of fidelity

Madame Trenti, the other lunch lady, joined two decades after the birth of today’s longest-running program on Argentine television. It was in 1968 when “Chiquita” went to collaborate with Saturdays of Kindness and Alejandro Romay and Samuel Yankelevich took her to a “fishbowl”: “I want you to do a program with lunch,” “El Czar” told him. “Eat and talk? Impossible,” answered Rosa María. “You are going to eat and with 12 people”, he raised the bet

The first lunch in the air (a distant world of 1968 in which Adrián Suar was two and a half months old) Nelly was fascinated by the format.

But she was just a spectator. There was still an arduous stretch to the intersection of destinations: Mirtha still had to change the station a few times, go through several personal knockouts and professional slaps in the style “lunches end where what exists are well-dressed and well-spoken people and the reality of the town is unknown”, as established by the comptroller Omar Gómez Sánchez in 1974.

A photo of the old Channel 7.

A photo of the old Channel 7.

In 1990, the exciting year of the World Cup in Italy, Nelly was touched by the other “Hand of God”: she worked at ATC, and the producer Luz Seguí urgently asked her to replace an announcer. Nelly’s tone and Mirtha’s glamor blended in, they achieved a composé. The news then came from the mouth of Daniel Tinayre: “Chiquita wants you to stay, Nelly.”

Those summers when he decided not to travel to Mar del Plata for “personal reasons”, society broke up. And that pissed off the viewer. Hundreds of outraged people called the corresponding channel to ask why Mirtha was not introduced by Doña Nelly. VIP witness, he won’t talk about it, but Trenti was inches away from that rehearsal before camera that humanized Rosa María Martínez Suárez with the “damn, shit”. Codes, pact of fidelity and silence.

Adriana Verón and Nely Trenti, both hosts of the Mirtha Legrand program.

Adriana Verón and Nely Trenti, both hosts of the Mirtha Legrand program.

“Sisters forever”, the bond deepened to the point that Trenti even became friends with Goldi. In quarantine something strange happens for his 30 years of work with Mirtha: he watches the program from home. And when he turns on the television, he feels a triple emptiness, her absence in the cycle, Mirtha’s in the big chair, and Goldie’s as the first spectator.

“Mirtha is a great princess and the girl follows in her footsteps,” he anticipates. “I really like how she takes care of her grandmother’s place, but I know that when all this happens, Juana will have to return the place. Chiqui will come back.”


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