‘Neither fanatic nor Fifi; Democrats’: Sergio Mayer confronts leftist journalist

sergio mayor “He’s going through the big door”, which is how many Internet users perceive it, following the recent confrontation of Murray’s current deputy with Vicente Serrano, the head of “Uncensored”, a medium that has been used as informational for “uncensored”. It is defined in “Chyoteros do not dare or not, it suits them because they are not going to bite the hand that lets them swallow”.

Serrano questioned Mayer about a ‘tweet’ in which he opposed the extension of the presidential mandate of the nation’s Supreme Court; arturo zaldivar, deeming it unconstitutional.

I reiterate my respect for the Constitution and the laws that come out of it. not for extension of mandate Minister’s @ArturoZaldivarL. You must avoid controversy and polarization minister” (sic), the actor also wrote in a message read by Serrano at his event.

What led to the trial between Sergio Mayor and Vicente Serrano?

After re-reading the message, Meyer questioned Serrano whether the tweet sounded too “conservative or radical”, to which the journalist commented: “I feel like it’s soup for those who hit 4T. Makes you fat”.

“It’s your problem, Vicente. What you take a completely radical position. If you were fair in your comments, I guess you will have more credibility, since You have to recognize when things go right or when things go wrong And my position is certainly not on the left or the right (…), they are Mexican, patriotic or democratic, ”he also replied. Chairman of the Commission for Culture and Cinematography.

When Serrano recalled that the expansion was supported by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, with criticism of the “opposition”, the mayor wasted no time attacking the driver, warning: “I know you have to take care of the potatoes.” and I respect that.”

Sergio Mayor and self-criticism after losing the election

However, still the deputy—who had lost re-election in the previous elections— He questioned whether the president gave support because “the king must be violated”. And it was said in disagreement. Furthermore, he denied that there was a call “Punishment Vote”, as he pointed out that other “opposition or radical” representatives were also not re-elected.

it means something is happening. Why don’t we have the humility to admit that we are doing something wrong? What we have to fix the way u give up pride To think that because we have a mandate from the people, we can do whatever we want with laws and a constitution, I’m sorry, but It has nothing to do with left or right ideologies

This is not the first time that the mayor has been questioned against the position expressed by the President, as on one occasion he showdown on twitter With Gerardo Fernandez Noronaswho reprimanded him “change bench”.

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