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Negative and undesirable? Leticia Calderón reveals the motive why she was hospitalized

  • Leticia Calderón has not experienced the finest time in recent months
  • The Mexican actress reveals the purpose why she was hospitalized final weekend
  • What is your present-day overall health status?

Just a number of times back, the news was released that Leticia Calderón had been hospitalized in an crisis, despite the fact that no even more facts were being uncovered at the time, leading to problem between her followers, who straight away arrived to head that the Mexican actress He was contaminated with coronavirus three moments, so they feared the worst.

“The expert actress Leticia Calderón is by now at dwelling soon after remaining hospitalized for a sensitive health problem,” journalist Alex Kaffie wrote on his social networks, but it was the artist herself who disclosed the reason why the choice was built. to acknowledge her to a professional medical institution and no a person could believe that the reason.

What occurred to Leticia Calderón?

What happened to Leticia Calderón?

Through a video clip accessible on the official channel of Youtube of Image Amusement, the actress born on July 15, 1968 in Mexico Metropolis shared that for a very long time she experienced introduced a collection of “rather uncomfortable” signs and symptoms, such as not remaining equipped to eat certain food items, these as tomatoes, seeds, coffee, tea and spicy.

“I couldn’t take in anything any more and almost everything I ate gave me heartburn, I felt terrible, my throat burned, my tummy damage, my abdomen ached, quite uncomfortable symptoms, I slept with a few pillows and at night it clearly amplified all this”, expressed the protagonist of cleaning soap operas like Esmeralda, In the name of love and La indomitable.

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