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Neal McDonough on Ike in “AHS: Double Feature” and his future with the MCU (unique)

Neal McDonough on Ike in

As President Dwight D. Eisenhower on American horror story: twin perform, Actor Neal McDonough has a long-standing dream of portraying Ike on display. Coincidentally, he does it along with many aliens within the second half of season 10, which is named “Death Valley”. However that element would not appear to fret the 55-year-old actor, who spoke to ET about moving into the function, sharing scenes with Sarah Paulson, and his future within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, particularly after he resumed his function as Dum Dum Dugan had in a sequence of What if…?

After a profession as a battle hero, McDonough says the prospect to function president is the icing on the cake. “I’ve always been a huge fan of Eisenhower and who he stood for, who he was, the kind of man he was,” explains the actor. “The honor of playing Eisenhower is difficult for me to put into words.”

Due to his admiration for Ike, there’s extra stress to deliver the character to life on display. “Playing Eisenhower was one of the most nerve-wracking things I ever had to do in the beginning … It’s a heavy burden because you don’t want to screw it up. You want to make sure you’re getting it right, ”says McDonough.

However the extra the actor broke away from the character and went past the cadence in Ike’s speech and his stroll, “the more I realized that I was playing myself and my father and that ‘anything American, anything is possible if you’ ‘ask Take this attitude, ”he explains.

Regardless of the character of “Death Valley,” which tells the story of a lethal conspiracy, McDonough performs the character straight out when the president makes a take care of an alien race to realize entry to their know-how American horror story and all of the wonderful, extremely scary and terrifying issues that occur to the present, I nonetheless play it similar to Eisenhower, ”he explains. “So I wasn’t part of a horror show as actor Neal McDonough who played Dwight Eisenhower, I was Neal McDonough who played Dwight Eisenhower in a certain situation or situation. And I think that made the performance so right. ”

The actor’s instinct to play the character “as that president who threw this dire situation into his lap” also went well with Paulson, who plays Ike’s wife, Mamie Eisenhower. “The way she deals with a character is a lot like us,” says McDonough, including that longtime AHS Star threw it out of the park each time.

McDonough additionally praises co-star Craig Sheffer, who will seem as Vice President Richard Nixon. “What introduced Craig to the set was actually exceptional,” he says, noting that the one Oval Workplace scene with Ike, Nixon after which President John F. Kennedy was a stellar second for him.

“I’ve said so many times that I want to become President of the United States for one reason: To learn all the secrets. Sitting in the Oval Office and talking to Nixon and Kennedy about all these things was one of my favorite things to do as an actor, ”he says.

Neal Mcdonough As Dum Dum Dugan
Marvel Studios

Whereas McDonough is usually actual battle heroes in Band of brothers and Flags of our fathers, Dum Dum Dugan’s contribution to the battle effort within the 011s can’t be ignored Captain America: The First Avenger. Within the ten years since his first look alongside Chris Evans, the actor has had the function in Agent Carter, SHIELD brokers and most lately within the first episode of the Disney + cartoon sequence, What if…?

“Dum Dum Dugan is one of my favorite characters that I have ever played,” says the actor. “So, in order that they preserve asking, ‘Dum Dum, do you need to be there? Hey, do you need to be there? ‘ After all I say sure. Hopefully at some point we’ll discover a option to get Dum Dum again on display and do one thing as a result of it was such a tremendous character. And to be on this universe was a terrific honor for me. ”

With so many sequence to come back and the MCU timeline being torn aside by the Multiverse over the following few tasks, seeing Dum Dum once more is not too far-fetched, particularly given his shut affiliation with Nick Fury in several iterations of the comics and even Secret Invasion certain. “He and Nick Fury became such great partners,” says the actor. “I definitely hope they bring Dum Dum back.”

Till then, the viewers can see him as Ike within the remaining episodes of AHS Season 10.

American horror story: twin perform airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET / PT on FX and could be streamed the following day on FX on Hulu.


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