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‘NCIS’: Watch a mini virtual ‘NCIS: Hawaii’ crossover in this sneak peek (exclusive)

'NCIS': Watch a mini virtual 'NCIS: Hawaii' crossover in this sneak peek (exclusive)

'Hawaii's' Jason Antoon makes a guest appearance on Monday's episode to help out with a case.

this is another NCIS-NCIS: Hawaii Crossover! But this time it is virtual.

in Monday’s episode NCISTitled “The Brat Pack,” Alden Parker (Gary Cole) and Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen) bring in NCIS: HawaiiU.S. intelligence expert, Ernie Malik (Jason Anton), after his own forensic expert, Cassie Hines (Diana Reasonover), for help on ancient metals, is stunned by the latest case involving century-old shrapnel.

As Jimmy brings Ernie — reporting virtually from the Pearl Harbor field office — into the fold, the metallurgist (aka someone who specializes in various metals such as steel, iron, and copper) can’t help but wonder when he listens to Jessica Knight. Is then enthusiastically pipes up the name, with whom she developed a crush after recently paying a visit to the islands.

“Wait, what did the knight say about me?” Ernie asks, seeking answers about what the team may have said about him.

While Jimmy is not interested in giving Ernie any rope, Parker teases him. airy equivalent. “I think he said he was the smartest guy ever,” he says with a funny look in his eyes. The short revelation goes well with Ernie, who celebrates onscreen.

When he asks if she’ll come with them for the download, Jimmy shakes his head, quietly prompting Parker to turn it down. “No, just me, Alden Parker,” he shares, much to Ernie’s dismay. But her behavior quickly changes when Jimmy tells her Who? Parker is. Watch ET’s exclusive clip above to see what happens next.

Earlier this month, the cast of NCIS, NCIS: Hawaii And NCIS: Los Angeles Reunited at Palifest to celebrate the legacy of the franchise. For more, see below.

NCIS Airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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