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Naya Riviera, details of the death of the cast of “Glee”, a year ago

Naya Riviera, details of the death of the cast of

one of the following Deaths That Shocked Show Business last year was Naya Rivera.

It’s about a Puerto Rican actress, Known for her character as Santana Lopez in the television series Glee

was the last time he was seen alive

Now, On the first anniversary of his tragic death, his family honored his memory and were ready to share the details. heart wrenching about the moment when they found out that the new one had disappeared.

the artist was no longer heard While sailing with her younger son, Josie, In Lake Piru in California.

yolanda previtaireNayya’s mother said that Remember when was the last time you saw your daughter, Via a video call, in the morning the actress and Josie set out for their adventure on the lake, the day their family’s life changed forever.

Conversation and radiant image of the Naya Riviera

“I missed two of his FaceTime calls, and I called him. U we had a lovely conversation“.

The sun was kissing her face and she was beautiful. She was wearing a beautiful white swimsuit and she was radiant,” Yolanda shared in an interview for Good Morning America, which eldiariony.com replied.

Useful photos to find

The excitement of seeing his grandson fishing from the boat during the call made himScreenshots to save that memory, but these pictures will prove useful later, When the search party searched the area for Naya.

“Thank god I took the pictures, because pThey were able to look at the topography of the land to find out where they were”, she counted.

Naya is gone

Then two detectives came to Yolanda’s house to tell her that Josie was safe, but not new.

It was almost like a force. I don’t know what it was, but they really pushed me back. I just ran backwards, if you can imagine, just screaming and ended up in the bathroom. I knocked on the door, I was on the ground and I had to be fine,” he said. Nia’s mother

For her part, Naya’s younger sister, Nikla RivieraExpressing her love for the anniversary, she said that she is still shocked that she was gone.

“There are not enough words to describe how much I miss you. The pain is unbearable that you are no longer with us on this earth. It’s hard to believe that 365 days have passed without youWell, it’s never easy. I will love you and will miss you forever,” she said, especially devastated.

“Sometimes We fear that the grief is so intense that we fear for ourselves, because it is difficult. There are no words to describe the phase we are going through. We only know that we have each other,” he said.

mystery cause of his death

New Rivera passed away on July 8, 2020, at the age of 33, after missing on a trip with her son Josie..

He rented a boat, but When the crew found that the ship had ended that afternoon, only his son was on the ship..

Five days later, on July 13, the actress’s body was recovered from a lake in California and it was determined that The cause of his death was accidental drowning.

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