Naya Rivera: Who was it?  Learn about the life of the Glee actress

Naya Rivera began her acting career before she learned to walk. As a baby, he appeared in a Kmart commercial, and at age four he received his first role in the Eddie Murphy-produced series, The Royal Family, where she played the little girl Hilary winston.

Between Y , had small appearances in series such as The Prince of rap starring Will Smith, House things, Bay Guardians, Hand to hand, among other.

In high school, I had the lowest possible self-esteem. I was not popular, I had no friends, but I would say that it is very important that you know yourself and in the end you will win for that.Rivera said in an interview with AP in .

Before landing the role of Santana Lopez in Glee From Ryan Murphy, Rivera had all kinds of jobs as a babysitter, a telemarketer, and in an Abercrombie & Fitch store.

For her adduction on Glee, Naya played Emotion from Destiny’s Chlid in a Santana Lopez pilot with no dialogue.

Rivera changed the lives of several people

In the first season of Glee, the character of Santana, a malicious cheerleader, did not have as many reflections. It was until the second season that the confusion about her sexuality gave more prominence to the character of Naya.

Honestly, I never thought I was going to play a lesbian teen.he told the newspaper Los Angeles Times on .

Santana’s characteristics made a sector of the audience identify with her. Many young people appreciated that the character played by Rivera represented them.

I didn’t think this was going to go that far, but I’m glad it did because many fans have expressed that they go through similar things in their lives. I’ve heard from girls who are in high school, 16 or 17, who say, I will be honest with my mom or I will be honest with my friends, Y thanks for helping me do it, assured Rivera.

During her time on Glee, Naya performed dozens of songs, but the most memorable are Landslide by Fleetwood Mac with guest Gwyneth Paltrow, Here Comes the Sun with Demi Lovato, and a moving performance by If I Die Young by The Band Perry.

Glee changed the life of Naya Rivera

The Puerto Rican-born actress said that having landed the role of Santana in Glee was an event that changed her life in many ways.

It would be little to say that Glee I change my life. He repaired it. It got me out of debt, it helped cement my career. And before the show I never had a group of people closeNaya wrote in her memoirs, Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes, and Growing Up.

After Rivera triumphed on Glee and made a name for himself in show business, he pulled out on her first solo single Sorry along with Big Sean, to whom she was engaged.

In the , Rivera ventured into the world of cinema playing Vera, the protagonist of the horror film, The chosen one of evil. That same year, Naya married actor Ryan Dorsey, with whom she had her son, Josey Hollis Dorsey, her greatest success.

Divorce of and last papers of Naya Rivera

On , Rivera was arrested on misdemeanor charges of violence for allegedly striking Dorsey, who did not want to press charges; a short time later they separated.

In that same year, Rivera made his last film as the protagonist, Mad families, where she played Felipa.

From to she worked on the YouTube series Step Up: High Water, starring Ne-Yo, as Collete Jones, a school principal.