Natti Natasha on why it was the “perfect moment” to open up about her relationship with Raphy Pina (exclusive)

For someone who rarely shares about their private life, Natti Natasha is a natural.

The Dominican singer, whose real name is Natalia Gutiérrez, opens up in her Amazon Prime documentaries like never before. Everyone loves Natti. One of the more intimate moments is being immersed in her relationship with her fiancé Raphy Pina.

For those who know the singer Everyone loves Natti is a worthwhile glimpse into her life over the past year. The six-part series describes her romance with the soon-to-be-husband manager, Raphy, a look at her relationship with her family and friends, her pregnancy journey, and the creation of her latest album. NattiVidad.

Natti and Raphy started working together in 2018, the same year they began a romantic relationship. However, the two kept their relationship a secret until this year when they also revealed that they are expecting their first child together. They welcomed daughter Vida in May.

“That’s the thing we just told the world,” says Natti. “We found out I was pregnant because I was trying to get pregnant. I could not. I was told it would never happen. Then we’re together and I thought, ‘We have to tell the world.’ I want to tell the world my story of how it happened because it was beautiful. “

“So in 2021 we literally told everyone we were together. People kind of knew,” she laughs. “But you get to see more in Everyone loves, for sure. “

One of the things that surprised her the most while filming was “the way he does things”. “We support each other a lot. So when he goes through something, I’m there. When I go through something, he’s there,” she says.

Everyone Loves Natti Natasha
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The documentary series also shows a new side of the founder and producer of Pina Records. Viewers will see his upbringing, diabetes battles, and even legal issues. How he feels, sharing his life story with the world, says Natti: “He was super normal because he has a lot more time in the game than I do.”

“He is who he is and he doesn’t apologize for it. He’s so confident,” she continues. “We have great work dynamics. When we’re outside, he’s my manager, I’m Natti Natasha. When we’re at home, when we’re together, we don’t talk about work.”

“He didn’t mind showing that he was himself and I have a feeling that made it all so special. My family is who they are, ”she says. “And Raphy was super happy with it.”

Everyone Loves Natti Natasha
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Her coming-out story also includes that some of Natti’s friends found out at their surprise engagement party that she was in a relationship and pregnant. Shocked to see people unaware of their romance attending their intimate meeting, she thought, “These girls are going to hate me! They’ll say, ‘What the hell is going on? She is a little strange! ‘”

“When I say I am private, I am really private. Only my family knew. You will see those moments when people who hang out with me a bit here and there have found out in person, ”she adds. “There are many moments in Everyone loves Natti they are very important, they are amazing because I could only really show it to the world. “

And while she seems cool, calm, and collected on the screen, there were a few moments she found difficult to talk about.

“My pregnancy, as an immigrant, everything I went through to actually get to the US and go through the whole process,” says Natti of her deep insight into her past. “To be a woman in the business.”

Natti emigrated from the DR to New York in 2009, leaving her family behind in hopes of making it big. In the series, the artist admits that she had neither accommodation nor something to eat and, because she had no papers, had difficulty finding a job. She finally had her big break after starring in Don Omar’s 2012 song “Dutty Love”.

Everyone Loves Natti Natasha
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Fans will “see the whole process,” including her decision to reveal her pregnancy during her Premio Lo Nuestro performance of “Antes Que Salga El Sol” with Prince Royce. You will also see when she posted that Tonight Show with Jimmy FallonMusical guest spot “Ram Pam Pam” with Becky G, a beauty cooperation with MAC Cosmetics and more.

“I’ve worked my entire pregnancy. I think I worked more during my pregnancy than at any other point in my life,” she says. “All these years I’ve had to struggle with being told women can’t sell and then work extra to show that I can. Putting what I can on the table has always been something I’ve always done I always say yes. And I feel like people need to see that. “

“I am empowered because I work for what I have done. You have to see that I am who I am, not because I have a man next to me, ”she adds forcefully. “I am who I am because I am Natalia Gutiérrez, I am Natti Natasha. I worked for it. All I did was make my dreams come true and I am still working on it and I feel like that everyone has to see it. “

However, part of Natti was “afraid” to lead the fans behind the scenes of their lives. “Showing the world and having cameras with me and in my kitchen, spending time with my family or my sister or even Raphy when we’ve never been in public before,” she says, “and now we will everyone in the house. It’s crazy. It’s scary. “

“But I feel like when you go to these weird places, they’re a little nerve-wracking because you think, ‘Oh my god, everyone will see!'” She continues. “I think there are stories there that should be told, people have to see that Natti Natasha is not perfect. That Natalia Gutiérrez is a woman who still has dreams, who still have things to conquer.”

One thing she will look forward to is sharing this series and NattiVidad one day with her little girl. “I haven’t had as much fun in my life as here. I have a great partner by my side and we both did it with a great team,” she says. “It will be for the rest of me [life]. In a few years, I’ll be able to show my daughter that I’m working on this album [and working hard]. “

As for a possible second season, Natti teases: “I think so.” “There’s still something private in me, but I think it’s great. Yes, perhaps. Let’s see what people say how they really love it.

“We always work. We always have situations. We are going to have a lot of activities in our lives and I have a feeling that people would definitely like to see that, ”she says. “We’re normal people like everyone else and we work. So I have a feeling there could be a second round. Let’s see what people say.”

Everyone loves Natti is now available on Amazon Prime.


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