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Natti Natasha creates her own champagne

Natti Natasha creates her own champagne

MIAMI (EFE) .— Natti Natasha presented her own champagne, which was made in Bordeaux (France) and represents her “bubbly” personality, the singer said in a statement yesterday.

“Instead of associating myself with a brand that doesn’t fit my personality, I decided to take the step and create my own wine from scratch,” said Reggaeton.

The product, made with the help of young French producer Celine Lannoye, will be available next December in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic and, to a limited extent, in the United States through online orders.

“I’ve always been in love with champagne and sparkling wines,” explains today’s businesswoman when she introduces Tasha as she christened this sparkling rosé wine.

“Tasha is me in every way: she has a bubbly personality and is the perfect party companion,” he added.

The singer of “Criminal” (with Ozuna) and “Sin pijama” (with Becky G) will be the first female artist and the first Latina to own a sparkling wine brand.

She emphasizes that between her newborn baby, her new album “Nattividad” and the introduction of champagne, 2021 was incredible for the artist.

“I wanted to show all my Latinas that nothing is impossible. This is our moment. No dream is too big! ”Emphasized the 34-year-old singer.

The wine is a classic blend of Cabernet Franc and Merlot that has matured for twelve months using the traditional champagne method.

Natti Natasha says he tried to present a super premium wine from a world-famous region with luxurious packaging, but “without looking too pretentious”.

Last Friday, the singer anticipated her new product on Instagram, where she has more than 34 million followers.

“This is a very personal project. I do it above all for myself, my family, my friends and my people, ”says Natti Natasha.

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