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National proud! Alejandro Andrade, Mexican screenwriter, receives award in Spain

The Mexican Alexander Andrade was the winner of the first edition of the DAMA Award for Screenplay Lola Salvador in Spain, for dowrya story with which he wants to “make visible the terrible reality that thousands of indigenous girls and women live, even today,” in Mexico.

dowryis a “fresh and close bet that reflects a social reality from the emotion and the characters“, he pointed out this Thursday to the DAMA audiovisual media copyright management entity about this award, endowed with 30 thousand euros.

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The award-winning script focuses “in the search for individual freedom, beyond what the community or the social mandate demands”according to LADY.

Andrade (Mexico City, 1975) is a screenwriter, director and producer who studied Audiovisual Business Management at the Carlos III University of Madrid, and Film Project Development at the Community of Madrid Film School (ECAM).

He was selected in the Berlinale Talent Campus 2004 and has worked on various audiovisual productions for film and television in Mexico, Spain, the United States, India and Romania.

The jury awarded a second prize to the Spaniards Rosa Cabrera and Raúl Mancilla, for the recoveries.

More than 400 originals were submitted to this first edition of an award with which DAMA takes “one more step” in the work of supporting audiovisual creators, one of the objectives with which the Copyright entity for the century was created. XXI, chaired by the director and screenwriter Borja Cobeaga.

The name of the award was chosen in honor of one of the founders of the entity and one of the most relevant recent Spanish film and television screenwriters, author of the scripts for The crime of Cuenca, bikes are for summer either Wild, among other.


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