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Nathy Peluso performed a sensual dance with a micro bikini in front of the mirror and exceeded half a million likes. The singer received thousands of compliments on her networks after sharing the video. Meanwhile, she is preparing to appear in Buenos Aires in November as part of the “Clamp Tourâ€

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The video of Nathy Peluso dancing in front of the mirror

“I roneo a little bit that I wanted”, wrote Nathy Peluso in a post that was accompanied by a video in which she is seen moving very sensual in front of the mirror with a tiny shiny gray bikini and got more than half a million likes.

“My old lady gave me life and you the desire to live”, “Invite me to take a nap”, “Hemnra”, “Holy God”, “I choked on my own slime”, “I love all of you, your style, your essence and your freedom, the best”, “It cannot be”, “Beautiful”, “My love”, “You are a total fire, more beautiful and beautiful impossible”, “Mommy, and all that is yours?” and “Notify me that I have to put on my bib, beautiful”, were some of the more than four thousand comments that her fans captured.

The singer, who has almost five million followers on Instagram, presented her own version of the song in December “To live like this is to die of love”, by Camilo Sesto. “I chose to sing this song because, after a long timeI heard it at a crucial moment and it felt like a revelation. I knew I had to bring it back, it made me really want to compose arrangements around that very identifying harmony, and develop the character that was triggered when I imagined singing it. Inhabiting a song from the past always becomes a very magical ritual full of sensitivity. I wanted to turn it towards a 90s sound, I called on very mythical musicians of the style and time, musicians I admire who have played on records that I have studied a lot, ”she explained at the time.

Nathy Peluso in her version “Living like this is dying of love”

“I was clear from the beginning about the character and the plastic and disruptive aesthetics of the video clip. I imagined the space, the dimensions and the textures, the colors, the character. It was very clear to me from the beginning. Directing the video has been an adventure, giving human form to the persecution of the unconscious was an incredible challenge”added about the material that mixes the aesthetics of the ’60s with a futuristic tone.

In November of this year and within the framework of the Cramp Tour, the artist will perform at the Movistar Arena, in the city of Buenos Aires. Nathalia Beatriz Dora Peluso, such is his real name, was born in Luján in 1995 and when he was nine his family moved to Spain. In 2017 she released her first album, Emeraldwhich included the topic “Corashe” and from then on it didn’t stop.

In 2020 he launched icing cup, album in which he pays homage to the Christmas songs of great performers such as Nina Simone and to the jazz Big Bands. The following year, she released Business Woman, in which she shows herself as a strong and empowered woman and with which she made a definite place in the musical world.

In an interview he gave to Teleshow in 2019 talked about his career and how he saw himself in the future: “There is a lot of effort, a lot of years of ant work. It’s what I love and it makes me very happy, even though I’m overwhelmed with work. It is continually forging something very immense, and emotionally strong. She always knew that she was going to be related to art, although she didn’t know how: with music, with theater, with dance. Little by little the paths led me to the world of music”.

On what makes her different, she reflected on what continues to characterize her: “My proposal has always been very free, and that makes people connect with my music. I always had sincerity and naturalness as a flag: I do not intend to build an unattainable icon, an icon cut by predetermined things that we are taught. I try to be me, with my virtues and my defects. And my audience identifies with my music from a point that goes beyond what a song conveys, but rather with this artist who reconnects them with my human condition, with my imperfect condition, and who they admire because I am like them”.


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