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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Natasha Araos, Chyno Miranda’s ex-wife, sends an surprising message to the singer proper in the center of the scandal

  • Natasha Araos surprises all people with an unpredicted concept.
  • Chyno Miranda’s ex-wife dedicates emotional terms to the singer.
  • The famed interpreter turned 38 years old.

Natasha Araos sends a information. On November 3, it was declared that Chyno Miranda was not in the ideal condition in the rehabilitation center where he was admitted, so he experienced to be transferred to another clinic in an unexpected emergency and every little thing was documented on video clip, but now Natasha Araos has develop into the middle of interest.

In this recording you can see Jesús Miranda approaching the exit doorway of the rehabilitation centre where he was, surrounded by the medical professionals who managed to address him there and with his relations, this is how the urban style singer was caught leaving the clinic where by he was using remedy.

Natasha Araos sends an unanticipated message to Chyno Miranda

Natasha Araos sends a message

According to the data that was dealt with in the online video, he was transferred to a non-public clinic after a decision agreed by a skilled civil court docket soon after making an attempt to carry out an inspection and verifying the precarious disorders in which the Venezuelan singer was.

Following this, both of those Chyno’s mom and girlfriend spoke out respectfully, of program the ex-wife of the Venezuelan singer could not be missing, so Natasha Araos surprised absolutely everyone soon after sending an unanticipated concept that is absolutely addressed to the interpreter of ‘ Very girl’. Filed Below: Natasha Araos sends a message.

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