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Natanael Cano confesses that “sometimes I get tired of making music”

Nathanael Cano is already creating new songs after the release of the album NataKong in April, as revealed by the singer of corridos lying down in Interview with Pepe Garza for the producer’s YouTube channel, although he also talked about more character aspects, for example: confessed that “sometimes I get tired of making music”.

First, when asked if he has considered getting married or having a child, the musician from Hermosillo, Sonora, replied: “Being a father is used, and getting married is something else. I’m 21, I’d love to (have a child), but I think I still want more things, just as I want to make more music, but one day I’m going to run out of inspiration and I’m going to tell you: ‘I need a child.’”

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Sometimes I get tired of making music, sometimes I don’t want to sing, sometimes I don’t want to be an artist, sometimes I don’t want to leave the room”, Nathanael Cano revealed.

but i feel like itI start to think, I feel like this and that, I recharge and let’s get into it, “he added.

Then, the interpreter of songs like Lying love, The drip Y stars He pointed out that “it’s difficult to be active in the studio, in music, it’s cool…, it’s a balance”.

He also acknowledged that his mentality has been changing: “Before it was: ‘I want to be the best’, because I was just starting out and I wanted to take over the world, but right now I’m ‘I can’t handle this anymore’, calmer, more relaxed”.

“Perhaps others say: ‘It’s very easy’, they have everything, they earn well, pure music and party, but sometimes they lack desire. If you are a person like me who sometimes has no inspiration, then you are not going to feel like doing anything; There I said: ‘I don’t want to be the best, I don’t want to be number one, I want to live comfortably and in peace,'” the singer explained.


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