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Natanael Cano affirms that he is humble but he “likes to prove the opposite”

Nathanael Cano anda is focused on his new music project after the release in april natakong; however, his controversial statements continue to put him in the ‘eye of the hurricane’. A week after his fight in a club, the singer offered an interview to Pepe Garza to talk about his next album and the constant criticism of which he is the target.

The singer, creator of the concept ‘corridos tumbados’, faced criticism for his excesses and his immeasurable expenses, as an example stands out the day he paid around 600 thousand Mexican pesos for tennis shoes, sweatshirts, t-shirts and other clothing.

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“I am one of those people who will never understand me through your cell phone”Nathanael Cano said. “I’ve always been humble, but I like to prove otherwise.”

The 21-year-old singer assured that sometimes he takes time and stays away from scandals, but it is not something that happens on a recurring basis.

“It’s that sometimes I’m very calm, it lasted a quiet time, but I can’t be like this always, so it’s once a year and they put up with me”.

He mentioned that when he began his career his main aspiration was to be the best artist, an idea that he has left behind over the years.

Before my mentality was: ‘I want to be the best, the best’, do you understand me? Because I was starting, I wanted to eat the world and everyoneand so ‘I’m the most v*rg*’, and right now I’m like ‘I can’t handle this anymore'”.

Nathanael Cano

He indicated that before he composed with greater ease and many times he would create, together with his team, several songs without realizing it, however, today that has changed.

“The maximum elegance, one is from France, just like that, and in the party studio, little girls, then we didn’t realize that suddenly there were 20 songs, and right now I’m telling you how I wish I had 20 songs without realizing it“.

He added that: “people think that the hardest part of an album is creating it for me it’s the easiest partwhere I write, I make the songs, where I say this album goes there”.


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