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Natalia Téllez reveals that friends used her to gain fame: “It’s a slump”

In the most recent issue of divine net, Natalia Tellez revealed to his program colleagues, Galilea Montijo, Paola Rojas and Daniela Magunand the special guest, the actor Albert Star, who discovered that some friendships they used it to gain fame.

Although first the driver pointed out: “We all approach what interests us, but I think that the filiation is different than the personal; It is one thing for someone to try to create a link with you precisely because they are interested in the medium and not you”.

Natalia Téllez argues with Daniela Magun in ‘Netas divinas’: “even if you make a face for me”

Given this, Paola Rojas commented: “It is also a matter of honesty. If someone interested in acting and who admires this man’s talent approaches him and says ‘I would like to learn, walk hand in hand’, he does have an interest”.

“I feel that if I like someone and I feel that they approach me from the middle… It has even happened to me with friends, people I love, who are close to me, and suddenly I realize that they are very interested in the medium, in the forums. For me it’s a personal downturn because I thought the connection came from somewhere else, and I like to know and differentiate.

“I think people are not as honest as, ‘I’m going to give you a kiss because I want to be on the forum.’ People suddenly get confused,” he added.

Then, Paola told him: “That happened to me at your age, but at this point I understood that Paola is everything: I am that soul, that human being that you know, but I am also that lady from the news, from the forum. People who You already know at this stage of course that this can fascinate them, because it is a fascinating world that few have access to. So, if you are also curious to see a little more of my world, I don’t feel used”.

“It happened to me with someone I loved a lot and felt very close to, and suddenly the interest in the medium was so great that I felt bad, I felt a certain displacement of importance, chances are more important who you know, with whom you connect, that you and I be friends. That made me feel bad and I feel like it happens in the middleNatalia revealed.

Finally, Rojas pointed out: “Suddenly that’s why my friends are either lifelong, from before the first microphone opened, or they are people who do the same thing as me or similar. Not that it closes (my circle), but They don’t need that; either they want me from before or they already have it”.


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