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Natalia Téllez revealed the prejudices she had about Jacky Bracamontes

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The driver revealed that her coexistence in Netas Divinas caused those ideas to dissolve (Photo: Ig natalia_tellez)

In the most recent edition of the program Divine Net, Natalia Tellez He confessed that he had certain prejudices about Jacky Bracamontesopinions about the driver that other people had influenced her.

The presenter believed that her colleague was a woman too attached to archaic customs despite the fact that she has always treated her well: “I had a subconscious prejudice against Jacky and because she has always been nice to me, she has always been a good being because she is and I didn’t have it bad either, but my idea of ​​her was like a very fresh lady, like tight, like very conservative, “he mentioned.

It should be noted that Jacky Bracamontes constantly invited tellez so that she would be a mother, but the same Unicable program contributed so that they could smooth out rough edges and dissolve the preconceived ideas I had about her:

“I liked living with her and when she left I told her ‘this program is crazy because I don’t usually live with a girl like Jacky and she was very sweet, because she had a lot of patience, it is very good for me to be, she is kind and I said ‘see if she is a conservative person, her scale of values ​​and mine, superficially they are different but in the most important thing they are the same” he said too.

Natalia Téllez thought that Jacky Bracamontes was very conservative (Photo: jackybrv / Instagram)
Natalia Téllez thought that Jacky Bracamontes was very conservative (Photo: jackybrv / Instagram)

Not long ago, Natalia Téllez had explained the real reason why he distanced himself from Galilea Montijo. It all started when Paola Rojas -also a presenter of the program- put on the table a very controversial topic, the toxicity that can exist behind the decisions that are made. The first to tell about her experience was Natalia, who confessed that she usually talks respectfully with her therapist.

“I don’t have limits with people and then I don’t know how to set limits, so I get to the point of… not discarding, but getting away from the people I love very much because I didn’t have the courage to speak like an adult,” he declared.

Natalia Téllez’s maternity

Natalia Téllez gave birth to her firstborn at the end of last January, after months of sharing details of her pregnancy with the public of her program divine netswhere program by program gave details of the wait for her baby, whom she procreated with her partner, the photographer Antonio Zavala.

Natalia Téllez with her baby (Photo: Instagram/@natalia_tellez)
Natalia Téllez with her baby (Photo: Instagram/@natalia_tellez)

Since the birth of little Emilia, Natalia has also shared aspects of this new facet of her life on her social networks: motherhood, and on her Instagram profile it is possible to see the presenter in everyday situations with the baby, who came to change the life of the also actress.

However, not everything has been “rosy” in this brand new motherhood, since the former host of Telehit revealed to believe that she has a type of postpartum depression, because she has experienced many emotions, not all of them pleasant or positive, in a very short time.

In the program that leads alongside Consuelo Duval, Paola Rojas, Daniela Magún and now Galilea Montijo, the actress from the series ninis She was honest and confessed that she has gone through not very bright moments at this stage as a mother, so she questioned whether this whirlwind of emotions “is normal or not.”

“I don’t know if it’s postpartum depression, but what I feel is, in the same hour or even half an hour, 20 minutes, joy, the most infinite happiness and then I feel hell, the deepest fear and terror, but in a lapse of time I say ‘this is not normal’, he began.


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