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Natalia Téllez argues with Daniela Magun in ‘Netas divinas’: “even if you make a face for me”

Although the drivers of divine nets They have an excellent friendship, many times their opinions are completely opposite and sometimes they collide, giving rise to intense discussions, such as the one they starred in Natalia Tellez and Daniela Magun in the most recent broadcast of the Unicable program.

The discrepancies between the drivers began while discussing issues related to the body and image of women. It was then that Natalia Téllez pointed out that one of the problems lies in the objectification of women. “Women will be a consumer item as long as we continue to see ourselves as an objectyes.”

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To exemplify her point, Natalia Tellez spoke of the normalization of relationships between older men with adolescents – a topic that Daniela Magun had previously addressed, a situation that can even be seen in programs, movies or even commercials.

“We continue selling chavitas for gentlemenI mean, that’s in fiction, in commercials, in the real world, but in reality it’s a code, it’s an image, it’s a socially accepted symbol (…) I think that girls are educated a lot that that is the value, then it is to a certain extent for a long time mega acceptable”.

The driver added that currently it is still believed that the value of a woman is physical, corporal and sexualand that “they (men make the rules), hence the importance of reconfiguring the preconceived ideas that govern the world.

“And I feel that in the end the trial can be rescued by the girls, the trial always goes to the girl,” she commented before being interrupted by Daniela Magun, who assured that she understood her point of view, but considered that the panorama had changed.

Natalia Téllez made a gesture of disagreement, to which Magun went on to say: “wait for me, wait for me We have to see how this will unfold. because that cliché that exists that the actresses, the conductors sleep with the producer to have the leading role or to have the role or even to have the position in the company, but what do you think? Now, there are many more women who are the heads, who are the presidents, the directors. Yes, even if you make a face for me“.

Téllez pointed out that the statistics showed other data and continued to debate in a very impetuous way without letting Daniela Magun speak.

That’s why, but to what I’m going with my point if you ever allow me, ching *, I’m going to stop and I’m going to leave, this is Natalia Téllez’s program, welcome everyone, thank you, very kind, “said the member of Kabah.

Segundos said as a joke: “I slept with Natalia Téllez so that they would give me this position.” To which Téllez apologized for having interrupted her.

Paola Rojas intervenes in Natalia Téllez’s discussion with Magun

Téllez assured that what Magun said was the same as what she had said, however, the singer denied it: “No, but I’m saying the opposite if you listened to me… that things change, that now it’s not just the women who sleep with men to try to get to those positions, that if there will also be that great story of men who sleep with women to get to those positions”.

But his comment was also not well received by Paola Rojas, who warned him that it is a “cultural and ancestral issue regarding the validation of women from the body… Yes it is changing, but not towards the horror you are describing“, the journalist told Magun.


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