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Natália Subtil clarifies controversy with Sergio Mayer Mori: “I am not asking for anything that is not fair”

Natalia Subtil and Sergio Mayer Mori They face great controversy after the model accused the actor of not providing support for the daughter they both have in common. He emphasizes that this scandal reached the little girl’s grandfather, Sergio Mayer, who defended his son.

But to clarify everything that has arisen in this situation, Natália went to the program this Thursday windowingwhere he first told that when Mayer Mori starred in Rebel“It began to help me, but then I think his father found out that he was helping me and asked me to cut off the aid, I think he didn’t like it.”

Natália Subtil explodes against Sergio Mayer Mori: “Shameful that you want to run away from your obligation”

Later, he specified that “Grandpa always helped me when I couldn’t take it anymore and I felt a little tight, but it wasn’t constant. It wasn’t something monthly, it was something when I couldn’t”.

Subtil assured that taking away the support he received was a “tantrum” because he did not want to continue working on an artistic project with Sergio Mayer: “I felt like it was a tantrum because I didn’t want to work with Grandpa anymore. (…) He comes in at the end to help with the contacts, but that’s where a kind of manipulation begins and I don’t start to feel comfortable”.

Yes, I can help my daughter, but obviously if the father helps, it’s much better. But it’s not really help, it’s an obligation,” said the famous woman, who revealed that Mayer Mori gave her 10,000 a week.

Natália specified that they still did not have a legal agreement: “What they want is to make an agreement, but the agreements we made beforehand were never fulfilled. When I got pregnant, my grandfather gave me an agreement and I never signed it because it seemed ridiculous that I couldn’t leave Mexico City with my daughter. They were very strong points and it also said that the father had to contribute half of all the expenses. I never got to sign because there were parts that I didn’t like, plus my family is from another country and at Christmas I like to go”.

In addition, he revealed that he cannot leave the country: “I got to a point where I said ‘I think I can’t take it anymore, I’m going back to my country and there I can get ahead’ and they told me: ‘You can’t leave the country, it’s forbidden to leave of the country with her’. I think that if I go out they file a complaint for kidnapping a minor”.

About what Bárbara Mori has told her, she said that “she doesn’t say anything, she doesn’t get into anything, in fact, she just saw Mila. I don’t ask her either and I leave her like the granny outside.

“I do not ask for anything that does not exist, I ask for what the law says: school, medical expenses, food. I’m not asking for anything from another world, nothing for me. (…) I’m not asking for anything that isn’t fair”, he added.

Likewise, the model commented: “I think that people have to raise awareness, and they can use me as an example, that we have to go for our rights. It is not possible that the father has an incredible life, that he is traveling all over the world, and the girl cannot participate in all that ”.

Subtil said that Mayor Mori saw his daughter this week for 6 hours, but before this he had not seen her for a year.

Finally, when in doubt as to why he does not prohibit the father from living with the girl until he fulfills his responsibilities, he replied: “I do not want to do that with my daughter, I think she does not have to suffer the consequences of an irresponsible father with what you have to accomplish. She doesn’t understand, although she now asks me some things. In that sense of forbidding my daughter to live with her family, I am not going to do it, it is her right and it is incredible that she has her grandfather and her father nearby”.


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