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Natalia Ramírez from ‘Betty, la fea’ talks about the Mexican version starring Angélica Vale

I am Betty the Ugly one It was a Colombian telenovela that premiered in the late 1990s was very successful and due to this several versions were made all over the world, among them a Mexican one, the most beautiful ugly, which was carried out by Angélica Vale. Y Natalia Ramírez, who gave life to Marcela Valencia, gave her opinion about her.

In an interview on the radio show the walkerthe Colombian actress was questioned about the versions that were created of Ugly Betty in different parts of the world and as expected, spoke about the telenovela starring Angélica Vale with Jaime Camil.

“The story is magical, the story is wonderful and from there the mold was broken to make Mi Gorda es bella, that is, like starting to break La Cinderella (…), I saw some scenes (from La fea más bella) and it seemed to me wonderful”.

Natalia Ramírez, who is in Mexico to present the play red divan, noted that having accepted The role of Marcela changed her life and it was a great opportunity.

“Every day I thank life for that opportunity to say yes. Many times opportunities pass you by in front of you and you see them. We still had a lot of doubts, I had a lot of doubts about accepting the project, there was too much risk, either it went well or it went badly, but I never thought it would go so well for us. I hope that no one forgets Marcela ever in life.”

Finally, he talked about his character and that of Ana Maria Orozco, Beatriz Pinzon Solano. The actress said that in history Marcela was not the villain as many think.

“I hope that after 23 years people realize that Marcela is not the bad one but the good one and that Betty is the bad one and not the good one.”


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