Natalia Jimenez is more in love

MEXICO CITY (AP). – After a year that has kept many loved ones apart, Natalia Jimenez celebrated the union with the MS band in her new song “Que beno es tenrette”.

“It’s hard to say in this epidemic, especially because we’re separated from families, boyfriends, friends, and I think it’s good to say that,” the Spanish singer said in an interview about the title. Of single.

The romantic band theme, released yesterday, will be part of their next album, “Mexico de mi Corozón II”, a continuation of their motif with Mexican music that many years ago paid tribute to their “great lady” Jenny Rivera Was started with. , And confirmed with the first section of the “Mexico de mi Corzone” of 2019.

“Mexico de mi Corozone II”, which he plans to launch in August, will include more than 15 classics such as “Don’t threaten me”, “Renanciacone” and “It’s a pleasure to meet you”, along with guests . As Gerardo Ortiz, Los 2d La S and Alicia Villarreal, “Your mare was much bigger than you.” The album is produced by Sergio Lizraga.

“I’ve asked for a modern arrangement, but with a canteen touch, it looks like it used to be that way,” the singer said of his work with the leader of Banda M.S., a group with whom he was on the first song Collaborated with “L Rang” De Tuss Eyes and “Forever My Love”.

“Qué beno es tenret” was composed by Omar Angulo Robles, who has performed other songs for Banda MS. When Lizarraga showed her, Natalia Jimenez did not hesitate to travel to Mezzultan, to record before anyone else could track her. In addition, it was important for the singer to have Lizraga give her the right vocal rhythm for the band performance.

“I’m very brave, I took a week that I don’t have a daughter and I said ‘let’s go’. I went to Mazalatan because I like to record with Sergio Lizraga and am giving me direction for that.”

“About a week later when they sent me the song, I went there … to do well, so that the people who listen to the band every day don’t feel weird to me.”

The video of the song, which was released yesterday, was recorded at the Mazalatan studios with Natalia and MS Band, as if it were a live performance.

“What I wanted was nothing more that the song had a leading role because it’s so beautiful, it’s beautiful,” the artist said.

“It’s a beautiful love, a little old-fashioned with respect”.

Although she has been fascinated by Mexican music for years, it is not a genre she grew up listening to.

“I found out that I was alive when I moved to Mexico at the age of 21,” recalls the Madrid-born artist.

“At home I listened to rock and heavy metal all day… I did not have time to listen to romantic music because I was angry with life. Then I reached Mexico and called me sorry.

He did not then imagine that he could claim to record with Juan Gabriel, for which he gave him the idea to perform with Mariachi.

“Juan told me that one day when we were recording videos for ‘Want if you want’: And when are you going to sing with Maria Natalia?” You have to do it, ”he said, recalling the melodious voice of the singer-songwriter.

“I said, ‘If Juan says, I should try’ … and it went very well, thank God …”.

Natalia Jimenez still finds something from her rock era at Mariachi.

“Both (genders) are suffering, we sing for sorrow,” he said.

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good advice

Natalia Jimenez found an artistic and cultural outlet in Mexican music. He followed Juan Gabriel’s advice to record with Mariachi and is now going for a second album in that genre. Before the epidemic, it was already contracted in palenques and Mexican fairs.

how to rock

The former member of La Quinta Estación says that singing with Mariachi for them is like rocking, “because the rockers made a suit to go out and sing and Mariachi is the same, it’s an art.”

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