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Natalia Esperón narrated the sad moments she lived when her baby died in her womb

Natalia suddenly “disappeared” from television forums (Photo: Ig/@nataliaesperonmx)

Natalia Esperon has been back on television for a few months, as the actress participates in the soap opera Warrior heart after almost ten years away from the spotlight. Remembered primarily for her role in Pink Shoelacesin the 90’s, today it shines again on the screen Mexican under the production of Salvador Mejía.

During his decade of retirement, the actress dedicated herself to studying art history and the English language, he was also able to reflect and heal some “wounds”, such as the sad death of her babywho was not born as his two brothers did, since they were triplets.

Natalia married in 1995 the former executive of TVto Pepe Bastonfour months after his remembered telenovela in which he starred alongside Flavio César, reached the end of its broadcasts.

Flavio César and Natalia Esperón in Agujetas de color de rosa (1994) Photo: IMDB/Televisa
Flavio César and Natalia Esperón in Agujetas de color de rosa (1994) Photo: IMDB/Televisa

At 20 years old, shortly after the wedding, the actress announced that she was pregnant and at the time his firstborn was born Natalie. Seven years later, after undergoing different treatments and several attempts, the couple once again managed to get Natalia pregnant. this time they were expecting triplets.

However, on November 17, 2003, the also protagonist of The child who came from the sea was airlifted from her home to a private hospital in Mexico Citydue to an emergency in your pregnancy.

Unfortunately Sebastian, one of the triplets, was not born, unlike her siblings Mariana and José Antonio. Time after this traumatic experiencethe couple announced their separation and Natalia fell into a deep slump of spirit.

Currently, Natalia Esperón is "happily single" (Photo: Instagram/@nataliaesperonmx)
Currently, Natalia Esperón is “happily single” (Photo: Instagram/@nataliaesperonmx)

Her depression kept her away from the media and for some time she went to various psychological therapies to get ahead and face the tragedy of her son’s death, as well as her divorce.

The actress recently talked about these events on the program Montse & Joe of unicablewhere he went after completing his participation in the telenovela that marked his return to the forums.

“I was studying Art History and also English because it was so bad. I was also in my emotional therapy, in emotional growththerapy for everything”, commented Natalia, recognizing that she had to do it that way to overcome her sadness.

The actress had to undergo therapies to overcome the death of her baby (Photo: Instagram/@nataliaesperonmx)
The actress had to undergo therapies to overcome the death of her baby (Photo: Instagram/@nataliaesperonmx)

“It brought many things that I had not healed and that I had not realized. Those things then prevent you from being able to enjoy a lot, being able to relate, ”she said.

Natalia then remembered that her son Sebastián died in her womb, days before she gave birth to her other two children; nevertheless, after the event fell into a deep sadness although he was close to his loved ones.

“I had postpartum depression and they are things that nobody wishes for,” she said about the strong affliction that overwhelmed her, almost without being very clear about the reasons.

“No one helped me in the way that I needed, everyone helped me in the way that they thought they could help me and I was not lucky. Then, many things remained that had not been healed and it was a time bomb. I was very sad, I brought a sadness that I did not understand, I did not enjoy things.

It was then that he realized it thanks to the therapies that he never really experienced his griefbecause after the death of the baby, she dedicated herself to raising her other two children and her eldest daughter.

“Grief must be lived, it is a process, you cannot skip the phases, you have to live it, but no one teaches us, no one tells us about death. I had to take care of other little ones, so I imagined my little one, I lived with three babies, and that was not right, “said the actress.

Currently Natalia lives happily single and last year she celebrated the wedding of her daughter Natalia.


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