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Naomi Olindo on her ‘Southern Charm’ return and how she really feels about Craig Conover (exclusive)

Naomi Olindo Guess she ate a little humble pie when she came back southern charm, Maybe a piece or two more than he expected.

“I was a little too weak this year,” Naomi told ET ahead of the televised airing of her comeback. “Usually if I was afraid of something, I’d compensate more by just being condescending or something, but instead I’m like, ‘Mmm… I’m a little scared right now.’ So I was a lot more honest about my feelings.”

Naomi didn’t hold back about her feelings when she exited the Charleston, South Carolina-set show at the end of its sixth season, departing with longtime co-stars. Cameron Eubanks and Chelsea Meisner. The trio collectively addressed their decision to leave on social media, in what they saw as a toxic environment at the time. Naomi exclusively name-checked Castmate Katherine Dennis Comments sparked drama in Season 7, prompting rumors about Cameron’s wedding on camera. Naomi publicly shaming Kathryn Boomerang returned in the season 8 premiere.

“I certainly wasn’t expecting the Katherine situation,” she says. “I didn’t think she was going to make such a big deal about it. Navigating so much was really scary.”

“Katherine and I get to a point throughout the season where we are completely cordial,” she teases. “I mean, we have to be around each other all the time, so it’s easy to be like, ‘Okay, we’re good, we’re good. I’m not going to worry about that anymore.. .’ as compared to constantly being told ‘f**k off’ at these lunches, which was happening there for a while.”

In addition to Katherine, Naomi says her classmates welcomed her with open arms. “I talked to everyone a lot before and was like, ‘How do you feel? Will you support this or not?’ And everyone was like, ‘Hell, yeah! Come back!’ So it was really cool,” she shares.

Naomi noted that the crew also had a level of comfort that was not there when she left, with her off-camera friends. leva bonaparte And Venita was attending the Aspen show while she was leaving.

“I felt really safe, you know?” She reflects. “I know Leva will defend me no matter what. Like, I knew there were some dynamics and they were a sure thing and we have each other’s backs so great. That’s why I thought it was A big chunk. Very comfortable coming back too.”

The cast of Bravo's Southern Charm, Season 8

decides to part ways with naomi southern charm Not loving Katherine’s behavior was limited to. She was also in a relationship with Metul Shah at the time, and the two were moving to New York City to pursue a career in medicine.

“I thought it was the best thing for my life at the time when I did,” she says. “Filming was starting and, like, talks and things were starting for Season 7, when my dad was really sick in the hospital and he passed away, I think it’s right around filming time. So, It wasn’t really a priority, but I guess I would have left regardless.”

“I thought my life was going to go in this direction,” she continues. “I was like, ‘Maybe I need to be a more private person, maybe the person I want to relocate from Charleston with, and so maybe we won’t be here…’ It was just a lot of stuff, and this Leaves you out there for people to put their opinions and all this stuff and I didn’t know if I wanted that anymore.”

Cut to the summer of 2021, and after just 10 days of living in NYC, Naomi and Metul break up when he finds out he’s cheating on her. She immediately returned to the Charleston home, “tail tucked between my legs,” to begin. Part of that process is reflecting on how she got herself into that position in the first place, with Naomi realizing that she changed a lot of things about herself to become the woman she thought she was. That Metul wanted.

“I’m glad I didn’t do anything different then because I learned a lot from it,” Naomi says. “I think now just finding — or, like, someone I’ll be with going forward, has to be someone who has a really strong sense of self that doesn’t require me to constantly check on them.” and should be like, ‘Are you okay with this? Are you good? Is this too much? Am I too much?'”

Once she’s signed herself up for the show, Naomi says that Leva forced her to watch the season she missed, so that she would be able to see everything that came out with the group in her absence. Could speed things up — though Naomi quickly admitted to a cringe-worthy Season 7 reunion, which may or may not have contributed to Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez calling off their engagement.

“The first time I saw skim- [reunion episode] And it was like, ‘Well… I’ve seen enough,'” she says.

Naomi Olindo poses for her Southern Charm season 8 cast portrait
Stephanie Diane / Bravo

As reports first surfaced Naomi was reuniting southern charm, it was believed that she would play a background role in the show. But, when the trailer dropped, she was at the fore and in the middle of the action. The premiere episode plays out almost like this Naomi Olindo Show.

“I was very surprised,” she admits. “I didn’t expect it. I mean, I know I filmed a lot, and a lot was happening, but everything was being shared in real time and things just kept happening, so we just got on with it.” Turned around and then I think it snowballed. But I don’t know if the whole season will be like that. We’ll see. I don’t know.”

Well, maybe; Naomi is not only back, but she is also the narrator of Season 8, the role of Cameron for the first six seasons of the show and Craig Conover, Naomi’s ex-boyfriend in Season 7.

Fans are eagerly waiting to see what Naomi and Craig’s dynamic looks like on-screen in this fresh batch of episodes, considering their time together over the past season. southern charm Largely when they were a couple – or fresh off their breakup. While the two were on a trip to Las Vegas, the couple engaged just before Season 8 went into production, but Naomi says that’s where their reconciliation began and ended. craig is No “The one who got away.”

“It was a very short time where we were both in the middle phase,” she says of the Vegas moment. “It’s someone you’ve known for a really long time, that you trust, that you’re comfortable with, and so it was kind of a comfort thing where you know it’s not really going to be out of place.” gonna, but that’s okay, because you trust them and it really wasn’t– I had no idea the show was going to make such a big deal about it.”

is craig dating now summer house Star Paige DeSorbo, who is set to make guest appearances throughout Season 8. Of course, the Internet immediately pitted former Naomi against new girlfriend, Paige. Naomi was quick to shut down any and all feud speculation.

Craig Conover Paige DeSorbo
ABG Entertainment

“I really like Peggy,” she declared. “I think they really fit each other and there’s no bad blood. … We also had a lot of conversations this season, because it was almost as if people kept thinking that Paige and me must fight, and Peggy and I shouldn’t like each other. I mean I like her very. I think she is very good. I don’t have any problems.”

Naomi says she and Craig are in a friendly place, with the Stitch Down South founder sending a group text to the cast ahead of their press days reminding everyone that, at the end of the day, the show is entertainment.

“Like, ‘Okay, here we go! No matter what happens, had a good time. Sending you all the love and none of it matters and everyone is fine,'” Naomi paraphrases. However, that message hints that maybe not everyone Is Well. When pressed, Naomi says Shep Rose Perhaps Season 8 has the toughest phase of all, but it qualifies as saying, “At baseline, everyone’s always a little worried.”

“I’m excited for people not to see me tied to anything or anyone,” she offers as a tease. “I was just so free and having an absolute blast and doing whatever I wanted.”

“I was really sad when I came back and was very sad,” she continues, “and to do my job that way and start having fun again with the support of my friends, and just living my life is the best thing. Was that I could do, you know? And so it would play out in real time. You get to see every move of it.”

And that includes dipping her toe back into the dating pool. “Like I said, very open,” she quipped. “I was very Open this year.”

southern charm Premieres Thursday, June 23 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.

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