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Nacho Libre: This is what happened to Héctor Jiménez, the actor who gave life to Steven ‘Esqueleto’

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In 2006, one of the most popular comedy films in the history of cinema was released and to this day it continues to be broadcast on some television channels. free nacho it starred Jack Black but had the perfect duo for the film to be a success.

Everyone remembers the funny story in which the cook of an orphanage abandons his routine to become a famous and renowned fighter to get money to feed poor children.

To fulfill his dream of being a professional wrestler, Nacho joins forces with Steve, better known as ‘Esqueleto’ or ‘Conan Nemia’, a character who became a fundamental part of the plot thanks to his funny appearances.

This is what Paco looks like today, the young man who became popular for selling empanadas

Who played Skeleton?

Héctor Jiménez was the actor behind the character of Steve and who shared a picture with Jack Black in free nacho. Although this film was not her debut on the big screen, it undoubtedly served as a catapult for her to continue her career.

Jiménez is currently 48 years old and was born in the municipality of Amacuenca, in the south of the state of Jalisco in Mexico on December 14, 1973.

Hector Jimenez

His artistic career began in 1992 but his first appearance on the big screen was in 2005 in the film Mezcal directed by Ignacio Ortiz. She has been part of the cast of Innocent Voices, Epic Movie, Hell, Pastorela: Epic battle between good and evil, Soft homeland and War of likes.

In 2006 he was nominated for the “Best Fight Scene” at the MTV Movie Awards, along with Jack Black and Los Duendes. Hector Jimenez also plays as an actor in plays in Mexico.

During 2021 he appeared in one of the most popular original series on the Netflix streaming platform, Who killed Sarah?

who killed sarah


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