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Nacho Cano is criticized for the musical ‘Malinche’: “Romanticizing the Conquest”

Just after the premiere of the Spanish musical Malinchewhich promotions with the story of the renowned slave and interpreter of Hernan Cortesits creator, the musician Nacho Cano, has gained lots of testimonials on social media.

In its Web webpagethe musical of the member of Mecano is explained as follows: “It narrates one particular of the most substantial historic situations to know our previous, understand our present and enrich our long run: the delivery of miscegenation and simultaneously celebrates an incredible and minor-acknowledged girl who navigated concerning two seemingly conflicting worlds, and mediated between two cultures on the brink of inevitable conflict.”

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Malinche is an formidable challenge meticulously elaborated more than extra than a ten years collectively with the most exceptional collaborators in the artistic industry, which has resulted in a legitimate renewal of the genre. A full encounter that breaks the molds of the standard display and renews its patterns”he provides.

Even though numerous Web customers have expressed their rejection of Cano’s challenge, generally on Twitter and TikTok, thanks to historic inconsistencies and other information.

For illustration, the tiktoker @Magi_mari.exe pointed out in a video clip: “A ideal-wing Spaniard thought it was a superior plan to make a Malinche musical. El vato is from the Spanish severe suitable, so you can previously think about wherever his musical is going. (…) In the poster she is an indigenous girl, but the actress who performs Malinche is white, she is güerita”.

“It does make me angry, but it doesn’t surprise me in the minimum. (…) She does not signify that she was an empowered female, due to the fact that is how she was painted, a no cost girl and even they had the luxury of sexualizing her, and, to major it off, that she is performed by a white woman”, commented the person of TikTok @sisoymorita.

“The engage in follows the tale of Hernán arriving in Mexico and defeating Moctezuma, but it is told dependent on a fantasy established by the Spanish that historians have disapproved of. (…) There are numerous scenes in the play that emphasize how violent the Aztecs had been, but when the Spanish already take the empire and electricity, they say: ‘And we did it with out virtually a fall of blood’, fully disregarding the approximated 300 thousand life that had been lost many thanks to Cortés”, criticized the world wide web person @americaavaldes.

On Twitter, user Natalia Xacur (@natalia_xacur) wrote to Nacho Cano: “You did not study anything about the history of Mexico and it shows at the moment you put Malinche, a 15-year-old girl in sexualized clothes and with a romance with Hernán Cortés. This is how Malinche should look, not how you put her. I’m disgusted by your ‘musical’ record”.

“Let’s see, let’s see, how come the Spaniards made a play (musical) of Malinche romanticizing the Spanish conquest (and the relationship with Cortés) making themselves look like the heroes with a conclusion saying that Quetzalcóatl is Jesus Christ?”, expressed the tweeter @mandobarnes.


Reference from www.milenio.com

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