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“My dream is to play the drums … I dream of playing”


Martín Carrizo, drummer for Gustavo Cerati, Indio Solari and ANIMAL, among others, died this Tuesday at age 50, due to ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis).

In October 2017, in the program The visionary of Hoby De Fino, he had realized his feelings and hopes. He had no longer been able to play on the Solari and the Air Conditioning Fundamentalists show in March 2017. And he himself took care to clarify what was happening to him in that television interview. He spoke of being “in full recovery from a complicated illness that started in 2016”.

After recounting some of his many memories with Cerati and Solari, the drummer aimed to give details about his illness, a process that started in the middle of his preparation to play with Indio in Tandil, on March 12, 2016.

Martín Carrizo, A Drummer Who Leaves His Mark On Argentine Rock.  Photo: Facebook

Martín Carrizo, a drummer who leaves his mark on Argentine rock. Photo: Facebook

Your memory

“When I start programming machines, as a sound engineer, I start to feel a strange weakness. I couldn’t start my truck. I assumed it was because of my exhaustion. I am very healthy, I never smoked, I never drank alcohol, I never took drugs. Y I told myself that I must be stressed, because I felt good“.

“I remember I was here at school (Martin Carrizo School Of Rock & Arts), and decided to go play a song on drums. I couldn’t touch. He couldn’t play a single song and had to face one of the biggest shows in rock history. And above, to me, it is seen as ‘power’. And everything was leaving me … “, Carrizo began with his heartbreaking story.

There were 15 days left for the first rehearsal of the recital in Tandil and the drummer He couldn’t give his instrument two strokes. “I remember coming home and telling Maru, my wife, that I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I got into bed, it was a Thursday, and I told myself I wasn’t going out until Monday. All Friday in bed, Saturday was worse, I couldn’t even get up“.

“I still hadn’t called the doctor, I wanted to recover with a nap (Laughter). Because I felt good, upbeat, happy. I called Julio (Sáez, Indio’s manager) before a doctor. Besides, I had to tell him that I couldn’t play, ‘we’re going to have to suspend the show’, I thought, “completed Carrizo.

Martín Carrizo And Fernando Nalé, Members Of Los Fundamentalistas Del Aire Acondicionado.

Martín Carrizo and Fernando Nalé, members of Los Fundamentalistas del Aire Acondicionado.

And he continued: “The following Monday I am going to see a trusted doctor. The first thing he told me is to make a diet change shock. In that instance I was already falling to the floor. Between the diet and the awareness that I was about to see a neurologist, I started the tests without anyone noticing my condition, so that the production does not panic. “

The last show

“They started the strong rehearsals and more or less I could take it. In Tandil I reached 30% and nobody noticed. It was my last show. Then I couldn’t touch anymore“.

After an impeccable recital, Carrizo returned from Tandil and in April 2016 he was thoroughly reviewed by neurologists. At that moment found out you suffer from ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, with very different consequences from multiple sclerosis).

“And they tell me that there is no cure, and that if I have a dream to fulfill that I do it now because soon I will not be able to use my own means,” he said.

A year and a half after the start of his illness, Carrizo said that he was never depressed and that he did kinesiology and biodecoding with a psychologist.

And with tears in his eyes, he closed that interview: “My dream is to play the drums. I dream of playing. I contact God and everyone tells me to ask him to heal me. And I say ‘thank you.’ I know that I’m going to beat him“.

Rest in peace.

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