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Will Sum 41’s Derrick Whibble join Linkin Park as Chester Bennington’s replacement? he answers

Will SUM 41's DERYCK WHIBLEY LINKIN PARK join as Chester Bennington's replacement?  he answers

sum 41 front man derrick whibleywhose band performed a cover of linkin park‘s “Fainted” With Mike Shinoda in the 2018 edition of Reading And Leeds festivals, was asked in a new interview with “Zinc Show” if he would ever consider joining linkin park as a late replacement Chester Bennington, He replied (as written by) BLABBERMOUTH.NET🙂 “I think it’s an impossible task; I think they’re impossible shoes to fill. I don’t know if they’re ever going to do anything. I don’t know what it’ll look like or who it might be “

in response to the host Jamie Zinccommented that derrickthe vocal style of would be good with linkin parkof music, whibbly Said: “I’ll take that compliment. I don’t know if I can do that. I don’t know if I agree with you on that.”

Pressed about whether he would consider joining linkin park If he was asked to step up in the band and come to the fore, derrick Said: “It’s such a non-possibilty that it’s kind of weird to ‘think’ about it, even so weird. [Laughs] I don’t know I don’t know how one can fill those shoes. I think it will be tough.”

two months ago, derrick shared video of sum 41Display of “Fainted” With shinoda Feather study And Leeds Feather instagramAnd he included the following message: “A little story about this performance. We decided to do this song together about a week before the show. We didn’t do any rehearsals. On the day of the show we (@sum41) Were stuck in customs arriving in the UK and didn’t look like we were going to make it to the show. After hours of waiting we were finally cleared and trying to make our way through all the concert traffic Paddy, that ended. Taking us to the festivities 45 minutes before our show time. We quickly said hello to @m_Shinoda outside our tour bus, confirming we’re still going to perform together, too Briefly talked about how the system would go and then scrambled to get ready. Our set.”

He continued: “It was such a blast doing this song, (which is my favourite) but nerve racking as well. With no rehearsals and only practicing alone in a hotel room a few nights before the show, All I wanted was to come with full respect and try my best to respect the music, chester, mike@linkinpark band members and LP family.

“No one will ever come close to @Chesterbe and it wasn’t about any of us. It was purely about the love of music. As you can see from the smiles on all our faces we’re very Were doing something fun!”

linkin park Have not performed together in public since October 2017, when the surviving members staged a tribute concert in Los Angeles. bennington, The band has not officially announced whether it intends to move on after his death. benningtonWho committed suicide in July 2017 at the age of 41.

three years ago, shinoda shot reports that linkin park was actively searching for a replacement for bennington, In February 2019, shinoda took him to Twitter Account to write: “Lemme clarifies a rumor: We are not looking for a new singer, and if it had been systematically, I would have been open. Sounds pretty obvious, yet I think some It is difficult for people to understand.

“I am not predicting the future. The future will be.”

shinoda made his comment in a candid reaction to how the media covered an interview he gave rock antenna, When asked about the possibility of finding a new singer, shinoda Said: “That’s not my goal right now. I think it has to happen naturally. And if we find someone who is a great person we think is a good personality fit and a good stylistic fit.” So I can try to do some things with someone… I never want to feel like we’re taking up space chester,

shinoda Added: “I know other people, they love being on stage, they love being in the studio, and not doing that – I don’t know – almost unhealthy. If doing that means we need something in the mix.” Other people to do it and do it well, so we’ll do it… But, like I said before, it’s got to happen naturally. I’m not running out and want a ‘singer’ poster “

sum 41 recently announced plans to release a new double album, titled “heaven and Hell”, Half of the album, “Heaven”, brings sum 41 Back to its pop punk roots, while the other half, “Hell”, is strictly metal.

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