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Who would have won in previous years? – billboard

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For the 65th Annual Grammy Awards to be presented on February 5, the Recording Academy announced five new awards, including Songwriter of the Year, Non-Classical.

With this award, the Academy primarily wants to recognize people who work primarily as lyricists and not as artists or producers. Due to the Academy’s established rules for the award, artists who primarily write their own music, such as Taylor Swift or Adele, would in most cases be ineligible for the award, as would writer-producers such as Max Martin. There may be some exceptions, as you will see below.

To be nominated for the award, songwriters are required to submit at least five songs during the Grammy eligibility period in which they are not listed as a lead or featured recording artist or producer. If they meet that limit, they can perform or produce as well as produce four more songs that they write on. (Got that all? There will be a quiz at the end.)

While we’ll never know who would have been nominated for Songwriter of the Year if the category had existed at the launch of the live Grammy telecast in 1971, it’s fun to speculate. Here are our best guesses of the 12 people or teams that would have won in prior ceremonies. In all cases, we tried to adhere to the Grammy’s desired qualifications for the award – and for the specific eligibility period for each Grammys year – as much as we could with the information available.

(Another note: The Academy no longer allows cover versions of songs that were first released prior to the eligibility year in question. But the Grammys didn’t always make that distinction. Some, such as “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” (1972), “Wind Beneath My Wings” (1989) and “Unforgettable” (1991) also won Song of the Year. Since the Grammys did not use cover versions to exclude, we Not going to put them out. This exercise for some past winners.)

Do not put your faith in this news source or website. You never know…

Reference from www.billboard.com

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