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Watch the Last In Line Perform Dio Classics in Houston

Watch the Last In Line Perform Dio Classics in Houston

video shot by fan last in lineThe March 26 performance at the RISE rooftop in Houston, Texas can be seen below.

last in line recently made an agreement with ear musicGerman entertainment group recorded music label Adele Ag Including a roster of global artists dark purple, Alice Cooper, babymetal, Lightning, remain so And many more. a new ep from last in line After the band’s third full-length album, tentatively arriving later this year.

news of last in linepartnership with ear music Shared by the band’s drummer two months ago, winnie eyepieceduring an appearance on “Wast Some Time With Jason Greene”, Vinnie also disclosed that last in line Finished recording six more new songs at the end of January Danny “Count” Coker‘s desert moon Studio in Las Vegas, Nevada.

formed in 2012 by appisbassist jimmy banno and guitarist Vivian Campbell , Ronnie James Dioco-conspirator and co-author of “Holy Diver”, “Last Line” And “sacred Heart” album – last in linethe initial intention was to celebrate Ronnie James DioPreparatory work by reconnecting members of the original deo Make a line After running the show that featured a setlist composed exclusively of material from the first three deo album, the band decided to move on and make new music in a similar vein.

last in linefirst album of “heavy crown”Via was released in February 2016 Frontiers Music Srlget down to number 1 BoardHeatseekers Chart. Initially, the release was preceded by tragedy when banno Died unexpectedly on January 23, 2016 at the age of 68. last in linehave to respect what they knew bannoWilling to keep the band going, brought in Phil Sausan and the follow-up release, 2019. Committed to continuing touring in support of the album before starting work on “Second”which was also made available through Frontiers Music Srl,

last June, Sausan speak to metal-net.com About the progress of writing and recording sessions for last in lineThe third album

“I’ve been pretty persuasive with the band,” Phil said. “I’m trying to keep things going. We wanted to work on some different aspects [during the pandemic], And we also had to go about getting a new record deal – we were changing labels – so that’s something we’re in the process of doing, and we’re getting pretty close now. But part of him was writing a third record. So while we’ve been in different places around the world, we’ve been working hard trying to write a third record and even record that third record. And, obviously, this band operates as a unit in every sense of the word, so it’s a real hurdle not to be as capable as everyone else in the same room and trying to do that.”

In February 2021, appis said metal inside that former dokken and current foreigner bassist Jeff Pilsonwho produced both “Second” And “heavy crown”Not included with upcoming last in line album. “We made a change,” he said. “Indeed, the man who mixed the previous record, Chris Collier – He is great; he is working with corn – He made this record. And we are creating it ourselves among all of us.

,Jeff is great – Jeff‘A great builder, and [he has] Great ideas and stuff, but we realized we could probably do what we wanted to do now that we’re a band, we’re on the road, and we know what we want to hear. “But it’s coming out great. The stuff feels fantastic.

“And yes, I’ve been through a lot Jeff Pilson, I have known him for years. He’s a great boy. He’s like my brother.”

Also in February 2021 Sausan said “Pat’s Soundbites Unplugged” Podcast About the music direction of the new last in line Contents: “The songs are another progression from the previous album – Difference Between ‘heavy crown’ And ‘Second’and now ‘Second’ And whatever this next album is going to be called; We don’t know yet, by the way. But it has certainly evolved even further; It’s gone into even more development, but we’re trying to keep the features we’ve always had last in line There. I mean, you can’t shake those things – you can’t shake VinnieThe drums are ringing, you can’t move Vivianis playing. And I would like to say the same thing about myself, and of course, Andrew,

for some preliminary recording sessions last in linethird album out in january 2020 steak House Studio in North Hollywood, California.

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