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WATCH: Anthrax’s Scott Ian and 10-year-old son pay musical tribute to Foo Fighters Taylor Hawkins

WATCH: Anthrax's Scott Ian and 10-year-old son pay musical tribute to Foo Fighters Taylor Hawkins

Bishariya guitar player Scott Ian His 10-year-old son had joined Revel Young Ian on drums when he performed several Foo Fighters songs for one instagram video joe Scott Shared on Sunday (April 3). Scott Captioned the clip: “Paying Tribute Tailor…we’re jamming our favorites fooIt’s a whole week. Healing our hearts with the power of the rock. we love you Tailor And dave And to Pat And Chris And Nate And Rami, @foofighters #taylorhawkins #patsmear @davetruestories @shifty71 #natemendel #ramijaffee”.

Scott Videos shared before him and Revell To demonstrate Sepultura Song “roots Bloody Roots” And “Area”As well as system of a Down‘s “bounce”, corn‘s “here to stay” And Helmet‘s “Meanwhile”,

Revell apparently a talented multi-instrumentalist who joined Foo Fighters On stage in September 2019 bourbon and beyond To Perform Ceremony in Louisville, Kentucky “Forever” on guitar when he was just eight years old.

Back in 2014, ian said horns up rocks that his then three year old son was a big fan of his METALLICA, The Beatles And AC DC and that he can already tell the difference bon scottvoice and that Brian Johnson,

“He knows much of what he hears or sees in the house,” Scott said at that time. “But what’s really cool is that he really recognizes and knows the difference between bon scott And Brian Johnson, which is great, I think, for a child of about three years old. anytime AC DC is on, he will go, ‘this’ bon Singing.’ And then when it ain’t bon, he’ll say, ‘It ain’t so bon Singing.’ He knows. It’s great, I think.”

When asked if metal musicians should be parents, ian Said it was the best thing that ever happened to him. He continued: “I guess you have to take it on a case-by-case basis. I can’t say enough about having a baby; I think it’s the greatest thing ever in the whole world. But I Seems like there are a lot of people on this planet, not necessarily metal musicians, who shouldn’t be parents.”

Hawkins Was found dead on March 25 at the Four Seasons Casa Medina Hotel in Bogota, Colombia Foo Fighters were on tour.

an official cause of death Hawkins Not released yet. But on March 26, Columbia’s attorney general’s office released a preliminary toxicology report, saying medical examiners found evidence of 10 types of substances in the body. Hawkinsbody, including opioids, benzodiazepines, marijuana, and antidepressants.

Hawkins Joined Foo Fighters in 1997. Before that, he played with the Orange County band sylvia and was also in the backing band for this sass jordan, he also visited with Alanis Morissette as his drummer.

Hawkins was included in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last year’s member Foo Fighters,

Hawkinslatest work with Foo Fighters last year included “Midnight Medicine” album, a collection of b geese cover and Foo Fightershorror movie “Studio 666”,

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