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Vivian Campbell explains how he was able to buy a Ferrari on his ‘black’ Dio salary

Vivian Campbell explains how he was able to buy a Ferrari on his 'black' DIO salary

def Leppard guitar player Vivian Campbellwho had a heated argument with Ronnie James Dio In the mid-1980s, when the two worked together in the first incarnation of deoK’s solo band once again claimed that he and his deo The bandmates were earning “less than the crew”.

Ronnie, Viviandrummer winnie eyepiece and bassist jimmy banno collaborated on the first three deo Album – 1983’s “Holy Diver”1984’s “The Last In Line” and 1985 “sacred Heart” – before the Irishman campbell left to join white Snake in 1987. Vivian later publicly raised issue with RonnieThe need for complete control of the band, claiming that finances played a major role in Bad Blood prior to their exit. In a special way, campbell said that “it was increasingly clear” that Ronniewife and manager of Wendy “decided to part” Ronnie from the band. he didn’t see deo as a creative entity. Ronnie knew better, but I doubt that in an effort to win back WendyAfter the ‘love’ couple parted, ‘he was ready to succumb to her whims. Thus began the end of the original deo band.”

asked in a new interview with “let’s talk” Podcasts with Rock and Roll Comedians Dean Delray About this deo Financial status when he was a member of the band, Vivian Said (as written by) BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “The money was too serious. That was the reason I got fired deo – Because I was a squeaky wheel. That night in that rehearsal room in London [after the DIO band was formed] When Ronnie Sat us down and said, ‘Here’s the plan. This is what we’re going to do,’ he promised us all that by the third record, it would be an equity position, because, basically, we had to work on Next to Noth for the first record. And the only reason I bought a Ferrari was for three reasons: Number one, it was a garden-variety. [production Ferrari], the cheapest one; Number two, the exchange rate when I bought it… I was getting paid in dollars, and the exchange rate was very favorable to buy sterling at the time. And number three, I ate crew meals for years; I didn’t spend a single penny. Whatever I earned, my per day or whatever, went directly into the bank account and [I said], ‘I’m going to buy a car.’ ‘Cause at the time, I was still living with my parents in Ireland, so when I wasn’t working with deo, I’ll fly home. I’m like, ‘Hey, mom. father. I’m back.’ So I didn’t have any overhead; I didn’t have any bills. So I kept everything. it was the same [as] years ago when I was saving up to buy a Gibson Les Paul; I just focused on that. I wanted a 308 GTB Ferrari, so I saved up for a few years and got it.

“But in the case of money deo was really bleak.” campbell repeated. “We made less than the crew. So we didn’t get any of those records – we got no T-shirts, we got no ticket sales, we got no record sales. But we were working towards that. Promise Which was done by the third album, it would be an Equity situation. And when we started working on the third record, that’s when I started going, ‘Hey, Ronnie‘You have a moment?’ And he kept pushing and pushing her. And then finally they fired me. but I Was A squeaky wheel. And it was less a matter of money. I mean, yes, it would have been nice to pay for it, but that’s more theory. I am big on theory. When someone looks into my eyes and shakes my hand and we have a gentlemen’s pact, I keep my end of the deal and I expect the same from people. Maybe I’m an idealist or an idiot for expecting humans, but that’s what I keep and that’s what I give and that’s what I expect from people. And so it was a question of principle, much more than a question of dollars. With me, the promise was made, and the rest of us worked hard for many years in the belief that that contract would be fulfilled, and it never happened. ‘Cause eventually’ Ronnie never told WendyAnd Wendy He had a estranged wife but his manager, and therefore, by default, the band’s manager. But he never saw it as a band; He never explained that aspect to her. he always saw Ronnie Dio like that Ozzy Osbourne, It didn’t matter who was behind him. but Ronnie should have known better. The magic of that original band, that’s where I really had beef Ronnie, He knew how good that band was, and for that to be so intimidating Wendy That he won’t even have the ball to say, ‘That’s what I want. That’s what I promised people. That’s what we are going to do. She just went, ‘No, no. you are a star You don’t need them. Get someone else to play the guitar.'”

the last summer, Wendy said it was important for him to expand Ronniefalling with Vivian In the memory of the singer, “Rainbow in the Dark: The Autobiography”which he, with the author mick wallcompleted after Ronniedeath of “I wanted to, because I’m so sick to the death of hearing Vivian saying things like, ‘Ronnie Paid me a hundred dollars a week.’ Well, how did he buy a Ferrari with a hundred dollars a week?” he told ultimate classic rock, ,Ronnie He was always fair with his people. It costs a lot of money to show that show. All the while, we paid for everything – buses, trucks, hotels, per day, lighting, sound and everything else. I think he treated the band very well. this is the problem VivianFor some reason, he decided he wanted to be Ronnie, well, you know, the band was called deo, But the truth was Ronnie I was already rainbow and paid your dues and then black Sabbath and paid his dues. He was just not off the road and no one was there. I got really upset. I get really upset when I hear all the talk about him Ronnie, Ronnie Not here to defend yourself. I will I have all the paperwork to prove it. How much did he get paid? It bothers me so much that people will say, ‘Oh, Ronnie It was cheap. Well, Ronnie Was never cheap.”

When asked if he thinks there would have been an opportunity to build some kind of bridge between the two? Ronnie And Vivian, Wendy Said: “No. I don’t think so, because they both said a lot of nasty things in the press, and I guess you can’t undo those things.”

campbell, appis And banno Reunited with the singer in 2012 Andrew Freeman to form last in line, The band’s initial intention was to celebrate Ronnie James DioPreparatory work by reconnecting members of the original deo Make a line After running the show that featured a setlist composed exclusively of material from the first three deo album, the band decided to move on and make new music in a similar vein.

In an interview with 2019 ultimate Guitar, Vivian Said to be fired from deo Left a bad taste in his mouth” for so many years. I was so hurt by the whole process that after that, I made the mistake of saying very hurtful things about him. Ronnie In the press, as in fact they said the same thing about me,” he said. “I think it was both our fault to do so. But it was very painful for me because I never wanted to leave that band. I was completely invested in it, I thoroughly enjoyed it, I believed in it, and I shed blood, sweat, and tears over everything over the course of the three albums it took to make that band. And then being dumped inexplicably like this was very, very painful for me. So it took me a long time to come full circle. To be honest, I think it also took RonnieIs going through [in 2010] to be able to see it in a different light and feel that it was the same jimmy bannolegacy of and winnie eyepiecelike my legacy Ronnies — We all have ownership of those records and that history. So now I have come to fully embrace it, whereas it was very painful for me to listen to it for many years. If it had come on the radio, I would have turned off the radio. I had no record, I had nothing to do with it. And now I see it in a completely different light. I have a feeling we owned it just as much Ronnie And it’s a pleasure to embrace. I feel incredibly happy to be on stage with Vinniewith and all-key As long as he was alive, and to play that music again. It is something of which I am very proud. But it took me a long time to get here and that is the reason.”

In a May 2011 interview with Brazil roadie crew Magazine, Wendy Said about the controversy surrounding Ronnieconcerned with campbell (in 2003, Vivian Called Ronnie “A terrible businessman and, more importantly, one of the worst people in the industry.”):”[Vivian] Always said he hated all the albums he played on Ronnieand it was so sad Ronnie, Very sad Would you like someone who said something like this about your album? He said a lot of things in the press that I don’t want to get into, because it wasn’t really RonnieAbsolutely quarrel. Ronnie didn’t fire him. I removed [Vivian], he wanted the same amount of money Ronnie Wanted. she thought she was as important as Ronnie was, and he was wrong. But I don’t want to get into it. This is water under the bridge. that does not matter.”

a video clip of Ronnie James Dio Call campbell “A fucking asshole” and saying “I hope he fucking dies” was posted in reference to his former bandmate. youtube in October 2007. The two-minute clip was shot on March 30, 2007, while Ronnie was signing autographs for fans after heaven HellShow at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. “She’s a piece of crap” deo said. “You ever heard the things he ever said about me? He called me the worst person ever. I went, ‘I thought I gave you a chance and made you someone. And who are you playing with now? def Who the fuck?’ There’s a fucking rock band for you to fuck with.”

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