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Twilight Twilight Story Of The Sidewalk

NIGEL GODRICH: It’s funny, you get a really polarized reaction from sidewalk fans. Some people actually say it’s their favorite record, and a lot of people are like, “That’s not a proper sidewalk record!” Both are completely valid.

Steve West: Bob and I had a song we’d sing to each other as a joke: “The Terrible Twilight! / It’ll Get You Tonight!” But every album is different, and if something felt like the other sidewalk albums were gone, that was fine for me.

Stephen Malkmus: On the Internet, you’ll find people saying this is their favorite sidewalk record. And that’s good. I think it is possible that this is true.

NIGEL GODRICH: In the most scandalous, condescending way, I’d say it doesn’t matter whether Stefan likes the album or not, because that’s what it is. But I know he likes it—I guess he doesn’t want to be seen to like it [laughs],

Stephen Malkmus: Nigel and I are always good. He comes to my solo shows every now and then. I wouldn’t hesitate to ask him to mix something up. He’s the totally generous dude I relate to—he’s just like, “I like you, I’ll do it for you.” He’s not like, “My rate is $5 billion.” It’s nice when you don’t feel like you’re in a business relationship.

As proof that there are no hard feelings, the long-awaited Terror Twilight: Farewell Horizontal Re-releases the original sequel to Godric, with an early synth demo from Malkmus, Remains of the Aborted Jackpot! and Echo Canyon sessions, B-sides, a recording of the June 1999 show at New York’s Irving Plaza, and at least one unearthed diamond in the rough, “Be the Hook.”

Scott Kenberg: I ​​love Nigel’s order—so we’re bringing it back, because it’s really interesting.

Nigel Godrich: When I read they were going to re-release [my original sequence]Of course, I was like, “Oh, I don’t know how I feel about that!” I was flattered, but I also thought, “That’s not really fair,” because records go up, and they have a life of their own, and they change as the world changes—they look different from a different place. . And starting that record with “Spit on a Stranger” is a pretty sure thing for me now.

Scott Kinberg: Maybe In The Back Of Our Minds From 2009 Re-released, But [their U.S. label] Matador didn’t want to make it out because there weren’t really any good additions. And we were just starting that first reunion tour [in 2010]So we postponed it. But when we made our worldwide deal with Matador [in 2020]They were like, “Okay we have to Terror Twilighteverybody keeps asking about it.” Jesper [Eklow, Matador’s former director of production and Farewell Horizontal overseer] Spoke to Stephen to release some of his demos, and we found a bunch of rehearsal tapes we didn’t have before. For a fanatic, it’s going to be good. But just for the casual fan, I don’t know if they’ll want to listen to a rehearsal tape of “Billy,” you know? [laughs]

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