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Tory Lanez handcuffed after judge says he violated protective orders in Megan Thee Stallion case

Tory Lanez handcuffed after judge says he violated protective orders in Megan Thee Stallion case
Tory-Lenz-Trial - Credits: Ysa Pérez for Rolling Stone

Tory-Lenez-Trial – Credits: Yasa Perez for Rolling Stone

tory lenz He was handcuffed and taken into custody Tuesday in a Los Angeles courtroom after a judge found that he had violated protective orders in his felony count that he alleged had shot Megan The Stallion In her feet about two years ago.

Judge David Hereford canceled Lenz’s $250,000 prior bail and increased it to $350,000 after hearing nearly an hour of arguments, and found that Lenz violated court orders to contact or harass Megan. or barred from discussing any finding in the matter with outside parties.

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The “Say It” rapper had a bondsman for the morning hearing and spent nearly five hours in custody. Once he was processed and released, he climbed behind the wheel of the waiting Lamborghini, saying Rolling stone He felt “amazing” before leaving.

Lenz, whose legal name is Destar Peterson, has pleaded not guilty in the high-profile pre-July 2020 case. He appeared in court wearing a black tuxedo jacket over a black turtleneck and was accompanied by his father and several friends.

His lawyer, Sean Holly, argued that Lenz had not provided a third-party Twitter user and YouTube personality known as DJ Academia with any findings on the matter, before Academia tweeted on February 23. That was “Tory Lanez DNA was not found on the weapon in the Meg. You horse case.”

“What he said is wrong,” Holly told the court on Tuesday, referring to the now-deleted tweet that Caused a social media firestorm, “Did (DJ Academic) said that DNA was not found on the weapon. And indeed, the gun swab indicates ‘inconclusive’, that there were four contributors.”

Holi is also called a Follow-up February 23 Tweet DJ Academics read, “I saw this doc myself.. It really says it was inconclusive to find Tory DNA on a gun or magazine.” Holly argued that this was also false because “the magazine swab indicates that Mr. Peterson was excluded.”

“If he had seen this document, he might have got it right,” she argued, calling the tweets “chatter,” a medium that is almost inherently unreliable.

“The Court cannot conclude that the defendant delivered anything, although it appears to have violated the order that prevented him from making any statement in connection with the finding,” Judge Hereford told Peterson. Said, referring to the follow-up post, which read, “Not telling a lie.”

Holly argued that Megan has also used her large social media presence to talk about the matter, and that some of her comments have been “harmful” to Peterson. But Deputy District Attorney Cathy Ta argued that Peterson’s alleged endorsement of the DJ Academics DNA tweets was “his way of moving forward and manipulating the narrative.” She said Megan has been “receiving death threats” and “constantly harassed” because of Peterson’s “conduct”.

Judge Hereford remanded Peterson to sheriff’s custody with higher bonds, after saying prosecutors’ request to lock the musician without bail was “extreme.” The judge added a new “crystal clear” condition of release, stating that Peterson “may not refer to the complaining witness in this case in any social media.”

“The DA did not request bail or, alternatively, $5 million bail, and the court rejected those arguments and increased the bail to $350,000. And that bail is now being posted,” Holly said after the hearing.

“I’m here because it’s my son. I’m the first person outside anyone present that day to hear about it. I believe in him. I believe in his innocence,” Peterson’s father, Sonstar Peterson, explains. Rolling stone,

After a former judge decided in a preliminary hearing in December that prosecutors had enough evidence to warrant convening a jury, the high-profile case is now moving toward a provisional September 14 trial.

At the December hearing, an LAPD detective testified that Peterson allegedly fired a semiautomatic 9mm handgun on the ground near Megan’s feet, injuring the “Savage” singer, during an argument that took place with Kylie Jenner. This happened after his departure from a pool party at home.

Detective Ryan Stogner said he was assigned the case two days after the shooting and interviewed Megan by phone on July 16, 2020, and again on November 12, 2020. He said that Megan, whose legal name is Megan Peet, remembered the witness. Peterson pulled the trigger.

“As she got out of the vehicle, she heard Mr. Peterson yelling obscenely at her, and she said, ‘Dance, bitch!’ And then he started firing a weapon at her,” Stogner testified.

“(Megan) saw Mr. Peterson holding a shotgun, and then she saw him start to shoot,” Stogner said. “Megan immediately felt pain in her legs, saw blood, fell to the ground, and then crawled onto the driveway next to a residence … She described her injuries as bleeding profusely.”

Holly then cross-examined Stogner for the defense, telling her about her interviews with Pete, and testifying that the “Hot Girl Summer” rapper was involved in a feud with her friend and former assistant Kelsey Harris, who was Black. Inside the Cadillac was another passenger. Escalade, shortly before shooting.

Holly suggested that Harris “had a romantic interest in Tory” and became jealous when Peterson reportedly claimed during the car ride that she and Pete were in “an intimate relationship”.

Holly suggests that Harris may have had a gun when he fired it because investigators found remnants of a gunshot wound on his arm. The lawyer also said that a man who witnessed the shooting from a nearby residence said he believed the muzzle flash was closest to the non-victim at the time of the shooting.

Under further questioning by Ta last December, Stogner said that gunshot remains could transfer to someone who is “in the vicinity” of a gun that has been discharged. Stogner also questioned the credibility of eyewitness testimony, saying that the man witnessed two men and a woman physically beating Pete.

“He believed they were trying to kill him. He said it sounded like a serious beating to him,” Stogner testified. “She mentioned that it was two males hitting the female on the ground.”

Peterson was arrested after a shooting by officers responding to a “shooting” call near the 1800 block of Nicholas Canyon Road. Booked on suspicion of having a firearm concealed in a vehicle, he was released hours after posting his initial $35,000 bail.

Pete Peterson not publicly recognized as his alleged attacker for weeks but finally took her name after more than a month In an Instagram post.

“Tory shot me. You shot me, and you lied and bullied your publicist and your people by visiting these blogs,” she said in a video posted on August 20, 2020. “Stop lying. Why lying? I don’t understand. I tried to keep the situation off the internet, but you’re dragging it.”

He said, “Even though he shot me, I tried to spare him. And then the bastard wouldn’t spare me. He’s crazy.”

Soon after the shooting, Pete was unclear what had happened. Stogner testified that he initially told responding officers that he cut his feet on the glass. She did it because she was concerned about how police might react if they knew Peterson, a black man, had a shotgun in the car, she reportedly told Stogner.

“She said that at the time, she was extremely scared and embarrassed, and that due to the fact that she was friends with the defendant, she was afraid that he was going to get into trouble, and she also had some concerns about the political climate.” In relation to the police and the shootings,” Stogner testified. “She was afraid that there had been a recent police shooting, and she described her concern to the police that the defendant was likely shot because she had just shot one.”

Peterson, 29, was formally charged On October 8, 2020, a Houston-bred performer was attacked with a semiautomatic firearm, with one count of “personally causing major bodily injury,” and one count of carrying a concealed, loaded and unregistered firearm in a vehicle. with.

His next court date has been set for June 9.

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