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Sofia Carson on acting and writing music for Netflix’s ‘Purple Hearts’ – Billboard

When Sofia Carson was cast as Ava Jalali in the Freeform television series Pretty Little Liars: The PerfectionistLittle did she know that this experience would have such a significant impact on her life.

She had already established herself as a multi-hyphenate artist. As an actress, she co-starred with Dove Cameron and other soon-to-be-household names in the popular Disney descendants TV movie franchise, as well as starred in several other projects. She was also making waves as a singer-songwriter.

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Carson and Liz Rosenbaum, one of the episode directors PLL The spinoff, which began taping in 2017 and aired in 2019, sparked a deep and immediate connection, vowing to work together again. During filming, Rosenbaum handed Carson his next project.

“I remember it clearly,” says Carson, 29. “It was around Christmas time in 2017, and she came up to me on set one day and handed me a script and said, ‘Merry Christmas!’ There were purple hearts on the cover of the script.”

that was the working script purple Heart, which debuts on Netflix today (July 29) and follows the unlikely relationship of struggling singer-songwriter Cassie Salazar (Carson) and newly-enlisted Marine Luke Morrow (Nicholas Galitzine). They have only one thing in common, that is their desire to get away from their struggles.

“Liz told me when she handed me the script that she wanted to start this journey together,” Carson says. “It’s about more than just the director and the actor, but more than the partners.”

Carson has not only brought Cassie to life over the past four years, but served as executive producer for the Netflix film — and co-wrote and performed several original songs for the soundtrack, which also surfaced today on Hollywood Records. came.

As the script was being revised, Rosenbaum relied on Carson’s experience as a songwriter to inform what Cassie would approach for her music. “I was definitely writing from Cassie’s perspective,” Carson says. “Liz asked me how I write songs and when inspiration hits. I used to tell her that sometimes [I] Maybe driving and I need to go to the side of the road and start writing something based on an incident that just happened.

“We wanted to capture the essence of that for Cassie, that inspiration would affect her based on the things happening to her in life,” Carson continues. “I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to be with Cassie, her love story, with the script for four years.”

purple Heart And its accompaniment soundtrack meets your typical boy girl story. When the audience meets Cassie, she is singing on stage with her band The Loyal as the audience sings along to a rendition of Neil Diamond’s classic “Sweet Caroline”. As soon as The Loyal leaves the stage (or is forced out by the bar owner) we learn that Cassie and her bandmates are also servers.

A group of Marines, including a friend she used to babysit, arrive with Luke in tow.

Whereas Cassie and Luke’s “Will They/Won’t?” The story is nothing new, these characters face a much more complicated journey. The prospect of a love match between the pacifist daughter of an immigrant, who is shocked that America is still in Iraq, and a son who believes in going to war, confronts his retired Marine father with a disturbing mystery. Than is a safe bet, leads to some major conflicts.

They marry for insurance benefits, but find themselves falling in love as their world, divided by ideologies of red and blue, join together to turn their hearts purple.

Carson says that the idea of ​​writing songs for the soundtrack, especially from someone else’s point of view and a story that was not his own, was daunting. Carson’s first choice was Justin Tranter, known for his work with Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and Gwen Stefani.

“Of course, I’ve been writing songs since I was eleven, but for me, from my point of view … songs that came from my heart, not anyone else’s,” she says. “I was lucky enough to have Justin, my co-writer in the process.”

The respect is mutual. “Sofia is one of the most dedicated and detailed creators I’ve had the pleasure of working with,” said Trantor Board in a statement. “It was an honor to create original songs with him and some of my Facet publishing team that reflected the sentiments of this film.”

The first song Carson and Trantor wrote together was “I Hate the Way”, which was Cassie’s way of expressing her disappointment that she was falling for Luke. It served as a gateway to other songs.

“I had already partially written the song in my notes,” Carson says. “It was, of course, heavily inspired by the simple fact that Cassie hated the way she loved” [Luke], She hated the fact that she was falling for this man. It was a combination of anger, frustration and deep passion. And once we brought that song to life, it was like we got Cassie’s voice that was different from mine – that was important to us. And that guided us to the rest of the soundtrack. ,

With Cassie’s voice unlocked, Carson and Trantor will complete three more original songs for the soundtrack within a week, including “Come Back Home”, which was first introduced in a pivotal moment in the film and was released earlier this month. Project. “We wrote two different versions of the song until we landed on ‘Come Back Home,’ which you hear in the movie,” Carson says. “And once we did, we just fell in love with it. And we knew that was our song. It really captured the soul, the tenderness of this moment, the vulnerability of this moment — and really captured the heart of our story.” took. “

regardless of how purple Heart received, the immersive experience has changed how Carson thinks about his career, she says. Having experience in executive production, she doesn’t want to go back.

“It’s interesting because growing up, I always had examples of women like Barbra Streisand and Cher who were such trailblazers and really redefined what it meant to be a woman in the industry,” she says. “He did it all. He was not only a composer and lyricist, but he was also a director and producer. So, entering this phase of his career is very exciting.”

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