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Soccer mom kills her demons

Allison has little desire to work with a co-writer and admits that she can be “a bit territorial” when it comes to her music. “I just want the stuff to be uniquely mine,” she adds. But she felt a rapport with Lopatin and wanted her to “go crazy” with the production. Lopatin responds by wrapping her lyrics in a lush environment, as if turbo-charged the blissful bliss of “With You”, where Allison sings how her lover’s eyes “cut deep like a knife, And they’re teaching me how to bleed.”

“Sophie finds magical ways to complicate her bubblegum melodies with a subtle weirdness: a twisted string, a twisted texture, some dark comedy,” says Lopatin. “He has an addiction to hearing whatever sweet and sour stuff is going on, so I tried to increase it.”

Alison wanted sometimes, forever Live soccer mom to catch the sound, flaws and all. Allison and Lopatin bonded in ’80s bands that hit the sweet spot between dreaminess and urgency, such as The Cure, Siouxsie & the Banshees, and the Jesus & Mary Chain. “We both love brutal, sad stuff with a ton of atmosphere,” Lopatin says. He also indicateslose truth,” a 1982 track by folk-pop sister group Roaches as the inspiration for Alison’s increasingly complex vocal arrangements. “I would say the song is the birth of dream pop,” he says. “And Sophie’s record is the death of it.” !”

Whereas sometimes, forever Football expands on Mommy’s voice, continuing the tradition of visceral lyricism that initially established Allison among a vanguard of young, emotionally determined female musicians. Her lyrics explore the knotty exit wounds of existence: loneliness, depression, betrayal, paranoia. She constantly lifts this scar tissue, such that breaking it up will reduce the pain. “There has to be a reason to write all these things,” she says of her songwriting philosophy. “You have to take it somewhere.”

Levity comes through in her singing voice, which is conversational and a bit unaffected. On “Feel It All the Time”, a quarter-life-crisis song reminiscent of the classic Sheryl Crow, she leans in, “I’m just 22 at 23, already spoiled by everything. Am.” Along the way she digs into her deepest thoughts, rejecting any hint of melodrama.

Lindsey Jordan, another fearless young indie rocker who makes her own provocative music under the name, says, “Her songs are in a place you can’t reach.” snail mail, The two became friends early in their respective careers, and Jordan speaks of the work of his teammates with the conviction of a diehard fan: “I don’t even want to talk about the other band if I don’t think wholeheartedly. That she was the sickest we have.” Lopatin agrees, praising Alison as “one of the best songwriters of today”.

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