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SleazyWorld Go’s ‘Sleazy Flow’ Lyrics – Billboard

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sleazyworld go May broke up with their viral anthem “Sleazy Flow” earlier in 2022, featuring Lil Baby in the remix, and later debuted at number 47 on the Billboard Hot 100 in early June.

“I was at one point, ‘What’s the next step?’ i was skipping songs [that were] Ideas were being received, but it was only getting around 100,000. I had stopped. I wasn’t going back, but it wasn’t going up. I remember thinking, ‘What do I have to do to get to that next level? Yes, I got fans and 100,000 views, but that’s not enough,” he previously told Board About the construction of the track. “I’m trying to get in their door. I never try to stick to the same sh-t. I always try to make a new sound.”

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He continued, “I set up a studio session because that shit was all in my head. I was like, ‘I have to do this song.’ I just kept me talking and I kept playing it back-to-back. Then I started rapping on that motherf-ker and that’s how it turned out.”

If you need a guide to follow along to “Sleazy Flow” from Sleazyworld Go, find the lyrics below:

Everyone put their Glocks in the air for me
Let’s air this sh-out
You’ve got a stick on your sh-
You yo’ sh- put yo’ sh- in the air for me. got a fifty

Ay, ay, ay (uh)
grt (uh, uh-uh)
Last opp we had caught at the store, we had to scrape him (skrrt)
Lil’ brother trippin’ out with that switchie, he faced it (GRRT)
Face shot, face shot, frrt-frrt, they couldn’t save ’em
We’re getting busy on town, she’s on my baby (she’s on my son)

They block like a drive-thru, ask ops how far we go
Beffin’ witchoo they ain’t family, they get caught then you die too
Hole’ on, hole’ on, hole’ on, hole’ on, hole’ on
Whip off, let me out, this chopstick gon’ leave her open like a zip (zzz)
Zip them up, tell friend no mask to come and pick it up (come pick it up)
Fakin’ as N-, actin’ like they life thugs, ’til we hit ’em
Too many n-as I don’t like, for what? I didn’t even sh – (I didn’t even nun)
take his double-headed dick, i ain’t even hit yet

How are you mad he chose me?
i like what she does to me
She says she feels safe here
This is where the shooters are

She says there’s no paper over there, sh- she’s barely eating
Barely able to fill her stomach, she told me, “Help it n- feed me hard”
We don’t do social tweaks, it’s also internet as n-
Goin’ live tryna talk’ combat that got shot, we don’t get into
Can you leave it in the streets for me, I ain’t trying to go to jail
Keep mentioning my name in all your posts, it ain’t hard to tell (what the f-?)
If you get smoke, don’t look for me, n- you’re dumb as hell
This bi- think I love him, oh-wee, he must be drunk as hell
i can’t live no sl- bi-, i love how they suck dick (i love how they eat dick)
Once I get my nut off, bi-, I’m skittin’ like some Trukfit

You know f—what’s going on, na

Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

Song © Universal Music Publishing Group

Written by: Joseph Isaacs, Robert LaVar McCoy Jr.

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Reference from www.billboard.com

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