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Red Velvet: The Rave Festival 2022 – Feel My Rhythm Album Review

For the first half of his career, Red velvet Equal attention was paid to both parts of his name: “Red” for flashy pop confidence, “Velvet” for classy restraint. the titles of their previous releases, it red And perfect velvet, were fairly clear about which side the music was played for, but since 2018 a clear mix of the two perfect red velvet, the genre-bending girl group has merged its dialectic components with increasing abandon. On his latest mini-album, The Rave Festival 2022 – Feel My RhythmReleased just a fortnight before the eerie glimpse of the Japanese full-length flower blossom, Red Velvet makes a comeback with a forceful dance-pop sound. Clad in Pre-Raphaelite finery from the era’s artwork and video, the queens of bold summer hits deliberately make their comeback with a sophisticated springtime landscape in tow.

feel my rhythm The bloom is colorful in details: a promenade from purple and green to yellow and blue in the stillness of fluttering “petals” in “Rainbow Halo,” “In My Dreams,” bill “confetti” in the hook of “Feel My Rhythm” Do.” Bold and stylish, “Feel My Rhythm” is one of Red Velvet’s finest title tracks. Their 2019 hit “Psycho,” is reminiscent of the elegant darkness of “Feel My Rhythm,” which was reminiscent of Bach’s “Air”. On the G String”, layered with an EDM trap beat. But the song’s frisson is not based on the shallow spectacle of the contrast of the two genres. Instead, “Feel My Rhythm” contrasts the same. Work to enhance the harmony, while playing as smooth and lush as the pop concept Agilityof “Bitter Sweet Symphony.” Irene’s blunt opening line—”We’re blowing this fancy ball”—vocally protests when phonically agreeable, and Yeri’s spoken delivery of “Hold me at my pace/G-give me another direction”. Stutters on time with the rhythm exploding behind him. She seems inconsistent but skillfully brushes off the discord.

The grand “BAMBOLEO” rings at the five-pronged crossroads of nations – its title probably derives from A Spanish-language song by a French band, its K-pop melody embellished with the Japanese city pop style, its hooks declared romantic in English. But it mainly avoids chaos, sounding equally dreamy as a Tokyo-tinged cut-off of K-pop contemporary Yukika’s 2021 EP. about time, Only “Good, Bad, Ugly” feels heavy in the context of the mini, swirling and unintentional through the well-trod R&B. Similarly, “Beg for Me” declares itself to be sexually obedient but quite pious in execution. The rave requests to “dance for me, work for me, beg for me, die for me” and “bring out your freak” are amusingly sterile—only Wendy and Joey’s rap shines through with any real silliness. Is given with a dark smile and whispered haste. But the spectacular, balmy close “In My Dreams” brings to a more complex conclusion. Despite all the ornate pomp and glamour feel my rhythmThe ballad focuses on a surprisingly tender admission of disapproval: “In my dreams, you love me back”.

In Video For “Feel My Rhythm”, the members of Red Velvet wrap themselves in the visual beauty of Western classics – Selgi clad in striking Stylian stylings, Joy posing enthusiastically in John Everett Millais’s “Ophelia”, Irene a diaphanous Coming across the frame in entertainment is the famous swing of Jean-Honoré Fragonard. But it’s the less specific Bosch reference that sounds best. “The Garden of Earthly Delights” isn’t immediately Instagrammable as Monet’s Lily, but its phantasmagoric presence—the surreal description of a triangle scattered across the landscape of monstrous set pieces—makes a fitting metaphor for Red Velvet’s mythical stature in the modern landscape. Looks like K-pop. Despite stumbling last year queendom, feel my rhythm Awake from complacency and restore the governance of the group without compromising on its principles. Absolutely elegant and outspoken in the midst of an alluring, dark pink-Influenced fourth generation girls’ group, Red Velvet shunned the trend and embraced their distinctive flair.

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