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Pillow Queens: Leave the Light On Album Review

Pillow Queens: Leave the Light On Album Review

pillow queens Make the kind of noise that vibrates lively, roaring back by the faithful: lit-heartland fervor, defiant lyricism, bolstered by rage-maliciousness, a smattering of pride, and an undying love of crescendos. But when the four women made their debut in September 2020, four years after formation, Giggs was off the agenda. Other bands could fast until they had a better chance of breaking beyond their local scene; in name and subject, In waiting The urgency was praised, and so did joint guitarists-bassist-frontwomen Pamela Connolly and Sarah Corcoran, drummer Rachel Lyon, and guitarist Cathy McGuinness. It paid off. Their debut album transcended the physical limits of its moment—perhaps because it reminded listeners of the living energy they were missing, perhaps thanks to the writing.

Pillow Queens’ optimistic anthem-in-the-making about queerness, love, and Catholicism led this DIY band as a replacement for James Corden’s late late show, where he sang about abandoning the promised security of a religious upbringing for a life of adventure: “Lord, give me glory, or I won’t take my lot / Just start the show and / Cement my feet and take Go jump,” Connolly requested through a tense jaw on “Liffy.” (A model for the Pillow Queens template is the eclectic, emo, Teigen half. Tegan and Sarahof classic Natwarlal.) Resurrected somewhat with the mediocrity, the sense of potential in their music to be realized on album two. but leave the light on Loses the slightest puff from his lungs.

When it ends, the magic that Pillow Queens achieves here remains irresistible—though it’s most evident on the song that explains the cost of getting that kind of attention. Her debut “HowDoIlook” got rid of physical worries in love; Appearing on “Hearts and Minds”, on stage and in photoshoots, they roar back. “I’ll have it by myself, I’ll save it for the room,” Connolly sings with the kind of declarative enthusiasm that made it Sam Fender An icon in the UK—though she compares herself to male performers who are born on stage: “He looks divine from the side / Throws himself around the light,” she sings. “Helps to heal a broken heart / That face is there again.” Meanwhile: “Now I’ve got the job,” she sighs, “suck in the gut.” The song weakens from determination to an imminent sense of defeat, then becomes a lonely mid-eight double-time sprint, accelerates, screams, and rediscovers the reckless joy that took first place off the starter block. The band does. In the Age of Bisexual Stardom, Whether mitsky either billyFew acts have detailed the balance sheet with as much grace.

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