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Oasis’ Noel Gallagher criticizes Harry Styles’ ‘useless’ music

Outspoken Oasis frontman Noel doesn’t buy into Gallagher cult fan propaganda of Harry Styles.

Gallagher, 54, blasted an interview with former One Direction member, 28, daily starNot calling him a “real” musician and making his music “useless”.

The frequently blunt guitarist gave his thoughts on the singers who rose to fame on the UK music competition series, “The X-Factor”.

‘The X Factor’ is a TV show. It has nothing to do with the music, it has nothing to do with the music, and whatever came from it, has nothing to do with the music,” Gallagher said.

Styles Famous Made it to the semi-finals of the 2010 series With former bandmates Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson from the show.

“You’re not telling me that Harry Styles is writing a song in a room somewhere right now,” Gallagher continued. “As with any happiness, he will be surrounded by a lot of girls.”

He continued, “I can assure you that he hasn’t got an acoustic guitar trying to write a middle eight for something.”

63rd Annual Grammy Awards
Styles and his former One Direction bandmates rose to worldwide fame after winning the 2010 series “The X-Factor”.
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The “Wonderwall” crooner previously denounced the “Watermelan Sugar” singer in 2017 when the latter released his debut solo single, “Sign of the Times.”

Gallagher nodded his head at his teammates for collaborating on starry songs with young pop stars like Styles.

They told absolute radio At the time, “People my age have let themselves go, they’re fat, tattooed bald idiots. They sit in their garages and write like ‘Sign of the Times’ for Harry Styles. Joe , Quite frankly, my cat could write in about 10 minutes.”

Gallagher, however, said that his wife Sarah is a fan of McDonald Styles.

Gallagher's wife Sarah and younger brother Liam are both fans of Styles' music.
Gallagher’s wife Sarah and younger brother Liam are both fans of Styles’ music.
Dave J Hogan / Getty Images

“I don’t mind singing, my wife was falling over herself, ‘Have you heard the new Harry Styles song? It’s like Prince.’ I was like, ‘Without even hearing it, I can assure you it’s not like Prince,'” he said.

However, the hatred for Styles doesn’t seem to run in the Gallagher family. His younger brother and fellow Oasis member Liam praised the Dunkirk actor’s work.

49-year-old Liam won the NME . told In 2017, “I don’t care, man. There’s some interesting stuff in it.”

“Fair game for him,” Liam, who has been in a long feud with his brother, continued. “I’m sure, like, that’s a huge f—king cost. I’ve got the weight of Oasis still hanging over me and I’m sure I’ll always be that guy from Oasis, so I’m sure he’s carrying equal weight.” If he wants to break out of that pop world and do something with some more substance then I think that’s a good thing.

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