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Noel Gallagher doesn’t think Harry Styles is a true songwriter

Noel Gallagher doesn't think Harry Styles is a true songwriter

Noel Gallagher and Harry Styles

Noel Gallagher and Harry Styles
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Earlier this year, Damon Alberni (factually false) claimed that Taylor Swift doesn’t write her own songs, At the time, we joked that after Blur and Oasis had given up on their face-off, Albarn now started a new era of beefing up with pop stars. But turns out, a Gallagher has entered the ring, and this time Blur and Oasis are fighting it out again, bringing down the worst on mainstream pop artists.

in an interview with daily star (Via Yahoo!), Noel Gallagher said X Factor To be meaningless in the grand scheme of the music industry, say, “X Factor There is a TV show, it has nothing to do with music, it has nothing to do with music, and whatever came from it, has nothing to do with music. ,

But what could have been left as a criticism? X Factor Another turned in the wrong role as a lead musician: Harry Styles, singer, who made his debut X Factor When Simon Cowell joined forces with individual audition actors to form One Direction, he was the most successful artist to have started a career in reality competition.

Although Styles has proven he has more to do than just being a former boybander, Gallagher isn’t convinced. “You’re not telling me that Harry Styles is writing a song somewhere in a room right now,” he says. “As with any happiness, he will be surrounded by a lot of girls.”

He adds, “I can assure you they haven’t got an acoustic guitar trying to write the middle eight for something.”

Gallagher seems to have conveniently forgotten that Styles has songwriting credits on everything he’s made post-One Direction (mostly sharing songwriting duties with frequent collaborators Kid Harpoon and Tyler Johnson), and has full control over his music. Styles also has multiple songwriting credits from his time with One Direction.

It’s not the first time the former Oasis member has criticized Styles, either. As reported by NMEGallagher first went on Absolute Radio and said that his cat “could write in about 10 minutes” Styles’ hit song, “Sign of the Times.”

Things got so bad for Albarn that she had to apologize to Taylor Swift after she took him the wrong way and thousands of her fans attacked her on Twitter. Although Styles has yet to call out Gallagher for his words, he will have to log off Twitter for the day. You don’t want to mess with Styles’ stance.

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